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10 Best Crime Movies on Disney Plus to Stream



Disney Plus has a great selection of crime movies to stream. However, you may not be able to access the channel if you see error code 73 on Disney Plus. You can visit the Disney help center to get assistance. 

Various crime movies, from suspenseful thrillers to dark comedies, promise edge-of-your-seat excitement from beginning to end. So if you’re in the mood for a good crime movie, be sure to check out Disney Plus! Whether you’re looking for an old classic or a new release, you wouldn’t miss finding something you love on this list.

1) 101 Dalmatians

Disney Insider Cruella de Vil, a heinous and malicious character, is planning to create a fur coat out of the pelts of Dalmatians. However, to do it, she requires 101 Dalmatians. She employs goons to abduct the puppies of Perdita and Pongo so that she can collect the fur and use it to make money. The abduction compels Pongo to embark on a mission to free his puppies from the clutches of the nefarious Cruella with the assistance of his canine community. This is one of the many famous animated movies ever produced by Disney’s Mouse House, and it features virtually emotive animation and is of the highest quality.

2) Inspector Gadget

Disney Is Working on a Movie Adaptation of “Inspector Gadget” According to Variety, John Brown’s naiveté prevents him from making the most of his ability to achieve his goal of being the best protector of law and order. The movie’s plot centers on his pursuit and eventual capture of Claw, the most dangerous criminal in Riverton city. However, thanks to Dr. Brenda’s expertise in robotics, the incompetent officer is transformed into a guy with a wide array of skills and devices. He can now take on the city’s lawless elements all by himself.

3) Adventures in Babysitting

A hilarious story unfolds in downtown Chicago’s heart when a babysitter quits her work for the day to save her buddy. Because of her choice to leave with the children, they are put in potentially life-threatening situations, which are portrayed in a humorous light.

4) Max Keeble’s Big Move

On the first day of school, Max Keeble is the victim of bullying and is put down by his peers. When he learns that his family has decided to move out of town, he formulates a plan to get revenge on each of his tormentors, assuming that he’ll never see them again. However, this turns out to be the worst decision the family has ever made when they ultimately decide not to relocate. Now, Keeble has to deal with the bullies once more.

5) Get a Clue

A wealthy and outspoken college diva, Lexy Gold, writes for the student newspaper at her high school. But she wants more, so she decides to put her detective skills to use. She begins her investigation into the disappearance of a teacher with her close pals. Their reporting of investigations published in the daily local news draws the attention of an investigator working for a corporation.

6) Dadnapped

Melissa despises the idea that her father’s only preoccupation is a fictional character from the comic book he writes and that he spends all of his time writing about this character. Two of the father’s most ardent supporters abduct him in a twist of fate that defies explanation. Now that he has been taken captive by the nefarious kidnappers, Melissa and the other people in her life are responsible for freeing him.

7) Emil and the Detectives

This is a story that was penned by Erich Kastner, who is a children’s story writer. It is another “kids up against mobster” scenario successfully handled by Disney. In the movie, Emil and his gang of pals, fans of detective stories, face up against some shady characters in an attempt to recover a missing envelope. Disney can provide its audience with an intriguing pursuit in the streets of Berlin, which falls somewhere in the middle of a kiddie amusement and a serious criminal romp.

8) Heat

Master criminal Neil McCauley, played by Robert De Niro, is attempting to rein in the rebel behavior of one of his men while simultaneously plotting one final major robbery before retiring. While this is going on, Lieutenant Hanna (Al Pacino), who is trying to find McCauley, is dealing with the upheaval in his own life, which includes the adultery of his wife (Diane Venora) and the mental health of his stepdaughter. In the meantime, Lieutenant Hanna is trying to track down McCauley (Natalie Portman). Even though they are working together to foil each other’s schemes, McCauley and Hanna can develop mutual respect for one another.

9) Once Upon a Time in America

The elderly David “Noodles” Aaronson, played by Robert De Niro, comes back to New York in 1968. In the 1920s and 1930s, David “Noodles” Aaronson had a successful career in the criminal underworld in New York. Even though most of his old acquaintances, including his longtime lover Max (James Woods), have long since passed away, he still has the impression that his past isn’t entirely resolved. The story of Noodles’ life is shown in flashbacks throughout the movie. It begins with him as a tough youngster living in a Jewish slum on the Lower East Side of New York City. It follows his climb to a bootlegger and eventually Mafia boss, a path defined by violence, betrayal, and guilt.

10) Man of Fire

An ex-CIA agent by the name of John Creasy, played by Denzel Washington, reluctantly agrees to take a job as a bodyguard for a young girl called Lupita, whose role is played by Dakota Fanning, the daughter of a wealthy businessman named Samuel Ramos. Mexico City has recently been targeted by a string of kidnappings, and the young girl is taken hostage by a ruthless assailant named Jesus Ochoa just as Creasy begins to feel affection for her. For Creasy to obtain his ultimate target of vengeance, he will need to eliminate a series of crooked law enforcement officers and criminals.


Whether you’re a fan of old-school detective stories or more modern thrillers, there’s something for you on Disney Plus regarding crime movies. With such an expansive library, there are plenty of titles to choose from and get lost for hours. We hope you enjoy watching these films.

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