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5 Best Ways to Use a Virtual Data Room




One of the biggest misconceptions about virtual data rooms is that these platforms are used for general data sharing scenarios. Although it is one of many benefits of using data room software, VDRs were designed for specific, highly sensitive data sharing. For instance, online data room software was first used in the financial industry specifically for mergers and acquisitions.

However, with time, the virtual data room market also extended to other business sectors such as the legal industry, real estate, private equities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and freelancing. 

In short, businesses now have the luxury of using virtual data rooms in different ways. Today’s discussion is on how to use a virtual data room in the best ways possible.

5 best uses of an electronic data room software

1. Secure and integrated data management

Secure data management still remains probably the biggest concern for the corporate sector. That’s because even after unbelievable technological advancement, businesses are still facing the horrible effects of cybercrimes. Every year, local and global businesses face hefty financial and credibility losses due to data thefts.

One major reason for the growing number of cybercrimes is the use of low-quality data management systems. Another thing that goes against businesses is storing data at multiple locations, which makes it even more difficult to protect data from the bad guys.

How can data room software help?

Virtual data rooms are online, cloud-based data storage platforms where you can store any type of business or highly confidential data, and that too at a centralized place. Imagine how easy it would be for your business to manage and protect confidential documents.

The next question is, how would your employees or stakeholders access business documents? Depending on your data room services, you can add hundreds of users to your data room. Those users can be your employees, partners, shareholders, legal advisors, financial consultants, or clients. Once they have access to the data room, they can log in from anywhere, anytime, and access their required documents.

In short, you can protect your confidential business data in a better way while your employees can access it whenever needed. 

2. Remote communication

What started as a forced option has now become a new norm. The covid-19 pandemic molded work practices, and the global business sector was forced to follow the work-from-home culture. However, businesses and employees started realizing the benefits of working from home as it gave them flexible working options while businesses were able to reduce administrative costs.

One major issue that companies faced was finding the right platform for remote collaboration, a platform that has all tools required for smooth coordination. That is why online data room software became a top choice of businesses from all sectors.

Modern-day virtual data room providers are offering a variety of communication tools for remote teams. For instance, almost every data room has a dedicated chat messenger where users can communicate and share files. If not, then you can integrate other software such as Slack in your data room. Users can also create chat groups according to their needs.

Other than that, VDRs have high-end audio and video conferencing tools that help remote teams, managers, stakeholders, and investors arrange business meetings. Users in data rooms can also create polls to gather public opinion and annotate documents.

3. Due diligence

Due diligence is a process in which a business thoroughly analyzes or verifies documents of another business involved in transactions like M&As, real estate sale/purchase, private equity investments, etc.

Moreover, in transactions like mergers and acquisitions, buyers conduct both business and financial due diligence. That means the target company needs to present business and financial documents for inspection. This is a stage where target companies often feel reluctant because of data security concerns. It is always risky to give other businesses access to your confidential documents. What if the deal doesn’t go as planned?

Virtual data room software allows the target companies to collect all their data at once place and then give customized access to the buyers. Target companies can control the data flow in the data room and deal with multiple buyers simultaneously.

4. Litigation

The legal sector is another biggest user of data room software. Law firms or individual service providers use virtual data rooms for various purposes. First of all, lawyers keep their most confidential clients’ data in VDRs for maximum protection because a data breach can put an end to their careers and make them face trials in court.

Apart from that, they use data rooms to communicate with their clients. They can add multiple clients and people directly or indirectly linked with those cases. They can get important documents signed by their clients within the data room. Some of the best data rooms provide lawyers with a massive library of legal forms commonly used in different types of cases.

5. Professional online collaboration

Businesses, especially B2B companies, can use data rooms for their clients, partners, or other parties directly or indirectly linked to them. That is why data rooms are often used by auditors, financial advisors, or other service providers, as they can easily communicate with their clients (usually other companies). For instance, auditors often use data rooms to conduct an audit of their clients without even visiting company premises again and again.

Summing it up

Virtual data room software can be used in any way a business wants, and probably that is why VDRs are one of the most desired business solutions right now. They can be used for centralized data storage, online communication, due diligence, litigation, fundraising, and online deal-making.

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