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7 Call of Duty Warzone tips to help you win





Call of duty is one of the most famous games in the world. There are probably no game enthusiasts who have not tried his hand at this game once. Around 100 million players across the globe play this game every day. 

But not everyone can master the game. Only a few people with clever hacks have been able to ace the scenario there. And in case you also want to know the tips, here are the top seven pro tips for you. Keep scrolling. 

Seek for loadouts

While playing call of duty, you should seek loadouts. Now, if you use floor weapons and gears, that is also okay. But that is a basic step. You will be able to perform well with specific loadouts customized for yourself. Hence find out a buy station and invest some dollars in stocking your loadouts and playing with them.

Familiarize yourself with the weapons

This tip is common for every battle royale game. Unless and until you don’t have proper knowledge about the guns or weapons you are using, there are chances to lose the game instantly. Hence, familiarize yourself with the weapons first. And if you ask me for some good weapons, well, EBR-14, MP5, or AX-50 are some really good options to choose from. 

If you want to know all the ins and outs of COD warzone, check out cod warzone cheats.

Map knowledge

Like you can never play well without knowing the weapons; similarly, you will not be able to understand the game without proper map knowledge. So, no matter how good you play or how strong a strategy you make, if you do not know places where you dwell, all strategical moves are simply worthless. Hence see the map. Find places for hideouts and weapons. And once you grasp the map well, you can plan your attack well. So make sure you spend a considerable amount of time understanding the map. 

Health is wealth

Well, this statement is appropriate for the game. The more Health you can save for yourself, the more the chances of survival increase. Hence, make sure you check your Health points every now and then. There is 100 HP for each player in Call of Duty. But That does not mean you will instantly go on some inappropriate, dangerous adventure to lose all your Health. That might cause you to leave the game. So, use your Health wisely. 

Extra Armor plates

Now, we have already gathered knowledge about HP or Health here. Each player can have a health of 100 points. But well, if you are injured or losing your points, you may use armor plats for extra Health points. A player can carry five armor plates of 50 points each. So, there are 250 points extra for you and your teammates. Hence, if you see someone losing points, these armors are great. So carry them. 

Ace Gulag

This one is a crucial point for you o know. Death does not mean a permanent death in the game. Let us say you have fought very well. But despite that, you have Loat all your health points. And you can not survive anymore. Don’t worry because COD has brought a special feature. Once you lose your HP, you are instantly taken to Gulag, where you have to have a match with another weak player. Whoever wins the match rejoins the game. Isn’t that amazing?

Utilize the Gulag! Do not take it lightly, as it will be your key to return. 

Do not hurry

Often the player shoots or attacks the enemies soon after appearing. This should never be done. In case you are wondering the reason, let me tell you. 

Many teams have taken these strategies just to your position and being extra cautious by taking hideouts and shelter. Hence, do not gorge on your opponent as soon as you see them. Just wait for the perfect time and perfect place where there can be no shelter or hiding spots, and then charge your shot! 

Final words

This game is really not an easy game to ace. Lakhs and crores of people have come to the field and have tried their hands. But not everyone has mastered the art of winning. Gameplaying strategy depends on the tricks that you use—being a pro is just a matter of practicing and clever moves. So, if you want to slay in the field, just apply the hacks mentioned above and do practice your hands. 


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