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A Closer Look At Rene Bonét, The Rising Star From Atlanta




The Atlanta music scene has always been a boiling pot of emerging talents. Rene Bonét, a.k.a. Bully Barbé, is yet another rising artist. In a short span of time, the young rapper-singer has released continuous hits. Let’s take a look at Rene Bonét, the hip-hop and R&B artist who is making her name heard.

Early Beginnings

Rene Bonét was born as Rikita Rene Lincon in Leesburg, Virginia – a small town just outside the Washington DC area. She had a difficult childhood due to the bullying she faced at school, which left her feeling different and left out. But Bonét decided to turn that frustration into something creative. She began writing poetry and creating music out of it. Eventually, she realized that she has a talent for music that she must pursue.

A Struggling Start

For a small-town girl like Bonét, opportunities were always limited. As soon as she finished graduation from Loudoun County High School, she decided to move towards greener pastures in the happening city of Atlanta. However, her struggles were not over yet.

For years, Bonét struggled to make a place for herself in the industry. She had to endure poverty and live out of a car while she strived to taste success. A turning point came in 2014 when she met the late Alvin Speights, the Grammy-winning sound engineer who has worked with legends like Michael Jackson and Madonna. Speights took Bonét under his wing and mentored her.

Tasting Success

Lately, Rene Bonét has been on an upward success curve in her career. Since last year, the young singer has found appreciation and praise for her music from all quarters. She was recently named as one of the artists to watch out for in 2021 by ThisIs50.

Bonét is a believer in constant work, which could be observed in her back-to-back music releases. Just this year, she has released singles like “No Dot Com” and “Stay”. She also found a chance to record at the iconic Stankonia Studios of OutKast. Her most recent single was “Shawdy”, a soulful track accompanied by peppy beats.

Music Style

Rene Bonét is one of those rare artists that could effortlessly create very different genres of music. In the Atlanta scene, she is most widely known for her soulful R&B tracks that could soothe your heart. However, there is also a different side to her – better known as Bully Barbé. As her alter ego Bully Barbé, she creates electrifying hip-hop tracks with heavy beats and rebellious undertones. Bonét is able to perfectly switch between these two sides and create different yet amazing music.

Philosophy of Rene Bonét

Bonét is a huge believer in being constantly submerged in her craft. Creating music is an escape for her to a fantastical world of melody. She refuses to sit idle in search of inspiration; instead, she immerses herself in music and lets the inspiration come to her. If the artist is to be believed, she has never spent a day when she wasn’t thinking about creating music.

Bonét is also very clear about financial security as an artist. During her early life, she has seen poverty far too closely to forget. This is why she always suggests young artists keep their financial plans at the forefront. While she admits that money always comes second to talent, she also explains that your talent would be mostly useless if you didn’t have the money to promote it.

Future Plans

Rene Bonét has most recently launched her single “Trendsetter”. The peppy hip-hop track is full of energy and groove. The visuals were created by Weku Did That, and perfectly match the energy of the song. Bonét is currently busy promoting the song across platforms. But she also promises to continue music new music. In fact, she aims to release a new single each month in 2021. Her fans would look forward to that.

Follow Rene Bonèt on Instagram and Spotify.

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