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Amazon Gaming is back in the Beta with Updated “Crucible”!



In this modern world of science and technology, the latest sci-fi audiovisual games are getting more attention from the youths and gamers. After the success of Fortnite, league of legends, and many more other such games, one the biggest company owned by the wealthiest man of the planet decided to conquer this platform too. As a result, he declared the birth of the “Crucible”.

Crucible” is the first, Amazon’s big-budget, free to play PC game which is a team-based action shooter. It was developed by the Relentless studio, Amazon gaming, and was released on 20th May 2020 for PCs. In this game,  the user with his/her teammates fights to survive and take control over the planet, while the planet tries to take the strangers away and keeps on creating obstacles for them. If you are a fan of team-based online games, then crucible is just for you.

A team-based shooter game is incomplete without its amazing heroes. Relating to it, the Crucible is also powerful in terms of its hunter heroes. It contains 10 characters with their own special powers and skills, and you have to choose one out of them. The character includes Ajonah, Bugg, Captain Mendoza, Earl, Summer, Shakirri, Tosca, Drakahl, Rahi & Brother, and Sazan. Where each of them is deadly and dangerous with their own unique skills.

It consists of 3 gameplay modes namely Heart of the hives, Alpha hunters, and Harvester command. In  Heart of Hives, two teams of four members each battle against each other destroying the opponent’s hives. In alpha hunters, two teams of eight members each fight their best to survive till the end, while in Harvester command it’s targeted to take control over the harvesters.

All three modes contain a visually developed platform for battles with amazing scenarios. Users must be readily adaptable to the formatting for the much better gaming experiences. Crucible is available to download on Steam and it’s totally free to download. Currently, it’s just a PC game but in the near future, we can expect the upcoming for the smartphones and iPhones too.  


Although Crucible was launched with a huge set of expectations and ambitions, it failed to satisfy its users. The debutant has to face a lot of critics regarding the gameplay and it’s battle sites. One of the biggest reasons for the critics was the diverse culture of its characters, which were entirely different and frustrating.

Many people regarded it as a boring game and claimed that it lacks thrill. After going through many reviews it was clear that people are highly disappointed as the was nothing even close to their high ambitions. Some of the reviews from the famous sites are listed below.

The official review of PC Mag, it stated that the crucible is also retarded because of its weak gunplay. From their official site, it was stated that – “Among Crucible’s many issues, the most egregious is its gunplay. All the firearms, including the assault rifles, shotguns, or pistols, lack a sufficiently satisfying impact when fired. Their weak sounds FX don’t help matters, either. Solid gunplay could have elevated Crucible into something decent. Sadly, shooting is the weakest link in an already flimsy chain.”

PC GAMER, in their harsh words, stated: “It’s a shame that Crucible isn’t more fun because most of its hero designs are so clever.”

Washingtonpost also stated: ”On the surface, “Crucible” looks like an average third-person arena online shooter that mixes elements of “Overwatch,” (characters with different skill sets) with those other familiar titles. “Crucible” is an attempt to fuse the chaos of a hero shooter with the pacing and strategy of a multiplayer online battle arena”

After all such harsh reviews, the debutant amazon game was taken back with a sense of disagreement as they were expecting it to a reform in the world of gaming. The official authorities had claimed they have taken it as a challenge and are working wholeheartedly for the improvements. They also tweeted about the changes they are making regarding the gameplay and new matchmaking rules. They are taking every issue as a serious problem are trying to solve them in every possible way.

On the 30th of June, at 11:34 pm the developers posted an update informing that the crucible will be back in beta from Tuesday.

By being in the beta just means that the users can give feedback to the developers while laying the game.  In the meantime, the users can also enjoy the downloaded version of the game with the same gameplay. They can also share the screenshot, video clips, and discuss the game. To play the game recommended for the users to have Windows 10, 8GB of RAM, 15GB of available storage, and a broadband internet connection. The game will also work on Windows 7 64-bit steam.

Although the overall reviews of the crucible are dissatisfying, it would be too early to say that it’s over. It is to be accepted that the can be a game-changer in the industry with some logical improvements. It also got a big budget to back itself. Crucible is also expected to be released as a mobile game too, which will attract a lot of gamers undoubtedly. We can hope that after coming from the beta it would be an improved version and will provide the real and thrilling gaming experience to its users. Let’ s see and wait for another big thing to come.

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