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Apex Legends Season 6 is coming next week! Know more!




Apex Legends Season 6

Apex Legends is an FPS game created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. This was released for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One on 4 February 2019. The release of the Nintendo Switch version is scheduled for late 2020, along with cross-platform play for all compatible platforms.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor is coming to a close, and for Respawn Entertainment it has been been a good season. The redesigned King’s Canyon has been a crowd favorite, and the fans have embraced the latest updates to the map very well.

The latest addition to the Apex Legends roster was Loba, and the majority of Season 5’s plot was created by her story and quest. Although the character is not that famous among the teams, Loba ranks in the B-tier of the Apex Legends.

Season 6 Trailer

However, Respawn has proven that they have a strong aim and dream for Apex Legends to move on. The trailer for Season 6 introduced a new Indian character: Rampart. Rampart seems like a great legend and one that should have a high pick-up pace.

In the trailer, Rampart relates to the equipped machine gun as “Shiela.” From what fans have been able to decide so far, an expert mod tool-mechanic, Rampart is likely to be a viral legend and a popular choice for Indian players.

What’s new in Season 6?

If you can’t capture them — build them up. In Season 6, find new ways to succeed and show what you are made of.

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New Legend: Rampart 

Rampart, a skilled moderator who made her name in underground fighting clubs, talks big and has ballistics to back it up.

Battle Pass 

More than 100 exclusive products from Legendary Masks, Apex Bags, New Holo-Sprays, and more!

Crafting Introduction

Collect materials around the world, and better build!

Season 6: Rank   

Create your rep and scale the New Rated Season Rankings!

New Weapon: Volt

March in combat with this SMG strength that is packing a punch.

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