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Artist Robert White’s new track titled “Candy” Talks About Everything Happiness




Gone are those days when the men used to write songs about their beloveds and dedicated them in private or in the open. The poetic essence of the songs has somewhat been lost amid the chaos of pop music. No wonder we still hold on to our old melodies just for the sake of getting the pure, simple, and uncomplicated contentment.

But seems like we don’t have to grieve for it anymore. Because our artist Robert White with his recent release “Candy” brought back the love song vibes.

Who is Robert White?

Robert White is a Californian native. From an early age, music has played an important role in his life, and he chose to pursue a formal music career five years ago.  In his Grandma’s storage facility, he recorded his first song. Then, he created a home studio and began creating and mixing tracks influenced by a variety of musical genres.

Robert White’s distinctive tunes and lyricism, which he attributes to music for his spiritual path and artistic progress, will capture your interest and pave the way for a long and adventurous music career.

Robert White and Track “Candy”:

“Candy” captures his initial impressions of his girlfriend, filled with tenderness, affection, and ecstasy. Fans will be drawn to the song’s positive vibe songs and elevating rhythms because of its sincere lyrics and beautiful sounds.

Robert White and His Music Career:

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Robert White is known for his cheerful approach. He spent most of his childhood playing musical video games with his siblings, continuously beatboxing, singing, and rapping.

For his improved self-confidence and love for life, the singer credits music, and he’s enthusiastic about connecting with his fans and delivering great experiences to their lives by performing in front of them.

Robert White believes performing on stage has increased his passion and love for music while impacting his view on life by demonstrating the power of music.

He duly mentioned, “We all experience life as a blessing, and everyone sees it differently. As a result, I decided to just do what I enjoy.”

Where can you find Robert White?

You can reach out to Robert White on Instagram and Twitter. Spotify is the perfect platform to find his music.




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