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Behind-The-Scenes Details about Nolan’s Inception that you Probably Missed!




There are many fantastic Behind-the-scenes details about Nolan’s Inception that you probably missed, check them out and see for yourself whether you knew them or not! Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is coming to theatres this July 31st, but before that, the studio is going to release Inception again to the theatres on July 17. Tenet and Inception both have to deal with time as a dimensional phenomenon which is in itself dynamic. The release of Inception probably gears up the audience for a time-traveling thriller and charges up the mood for Theatrical releases and of course Nolan’s genre. Here are some Behind-the-scenes details about Nolan’s Inception that you probably missed-

Christopher Spent A Decade Writing Inception

Nolan is no stranger to taking the time while writing his films, unlike some great auteurs in the field, Nolan sits on his films for a long long time, reports were that he took almost half-a-decade to write the Magical realism of “The Prestige” and according to an interview given to Deadline, Nolan, while speaking about writing Inception, said:

“The final piece of the puzzle for me with the script I’d been trying to finish for about 10 years was figuring out how to connect emotionally with the central character in a way that would make it a more emotional story. The reason I got hung up on this is that I had first devised the rules of the world, using the heist genre as a way in. I figured out the emotional connection of the central character to the audience and made this about following his journey home to his children and his love for his wife. Those really were the final pieces of the puzzle that let me finish the script.”

The First Letter Of Each Inception Character’s Names Combines Into An Acronym:

Inception, being a poetic journey, deals with many allegories and metaphors, but the visual components also startle us with literal and figurative (sometimes surreal) elements. For eg: Ariadne, the architect, played by Ellen Page has its name synonymous to a Greek mythological character who helped minotaurs out of the labyrinth. Combining the first letter of just six principal characters’ names (Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, and Saito) spells the word “dreams,” and when you take into account Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf, the acronym reads “dreams pay.” An epic nuance of Behind-the-scenes details about Nolan’s Inception that you probably missed!

Inception Once Held A Record In An Oscar Category

Wally Pfister, Nolan’s longtime collaborator in the cinematography department won his first and thus far the only Oscar for Inception. The record was that Inception was the last film to win an Oscar for cinematography done by traditional films and not digital. The streak was only broken by Chazelle’s La La Land which was shot in Panavision 35mm cinemascope.

Inception’s Snowy Mountain Scenes Were Filmed During A Real Blizzard

The avalanche scenes from the climax of the movie were to be achieved by detonating dynamites under the snow so that the snow would tumble down automatically, the crew was not dependent on VFX at all for this one. The only problem was there was not enough snow in Calgary, Canada, where the shoot was going on. Suddenly, a blizzard came with more and more snow and covered the mountains and alps with more than which was already there. Although this event generates the excitement of working with a film crew, Pfister described this experience as cold and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, makes cool Behind-the-scenes detail about Nolan’s Inception that you probably missed!

Hans Zimmer Based His Inception Score On 1950s French Song

The Oscar-nominated Zimmer, as usual, created an Oscar-nominated score for the movie. It was based on a 1956 ballad called “Non, je ne regrette rien,” sung by Édith Piaf. It also worked as a plot point because audibly it sounded like the perseverance of time within our dreams. Interestingly, Marion Cotillard had already played Édith Piaf on her Oscar-nominated performance in La Vie En Rose.

A Kickstarter Was Launched To Produce An Inception-Inspired Board Game

In 2014, inspired by the plot of Inception, an online Kickstarter Campaign was launched to crowd-fund a game called “Dream Heist”. It’s a board game where players can plant an idea into other player’s minds when they are asleep. The game is not copyrighted by Warner Bros and can be bought online.

On the 10th anniversary of the release of Nolan’s Inception, Warner Bros is re-releasing the dreamy epic featuring Di Caprio, Cotillard, Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, and others, be sure to check it out now when you know these subtle yet exciting details. We might be covering more Behind-the-scenes details about Nolan’s Inception that you probably missed!

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