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Best Battle Royale Games like Apex Legends to Play in 2022




Battle Royal games are famous worldwide because of their action, adventure, fighting, looting, trilling, shooting, tactics, and violence in style. The gaming industry is changing time by time according to the taste of players. But one particular game genre always surprises players: Royal Battle Games.  

A Battle Royal game usually involves exploration, survival, and scavenging elements. The player or team’s mission is to eliminate all opponents in an open world, avoid traps, and stay as long as possible to be the last standing player or team. If you are searching for the Best Battle Royale Games like Apex Legends, then we have compiled a list for you. 

Introduction to Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royal games developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is a Free-to-play, Online, Multiplayer, and First-Person Hero Shooting game. Each match usually consists of twenty teams of three players squads. It offers 21 playable characters, each with unique abilities and equipped with weapons.   

All teams are placed on a plane that travels across the game map. Build your squad and scavenge armors, weapons, and other loot on the ground. The game includes a ping system that lets players communicate with each other. You survive as long as you can and become a legend. It has in-game purchases of virtual currency that are used to obtain in-game virtual items.

Best Games Like Apex Legends

If you wish to play and find some other games like Apex Legends, then this is the right place. Here are some similar and popular games like Apex Legends to play.


Let’s start with the most popular and downloadable game PUBG. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a Free-to-play, Online, Multiplayer, Action, Battle Royal, and Survival game developed by KRAFTON, Inc.  Compete against 100 players in the death matches where you will have to survive, and the last person or team will win the game. Like Apex Legends, each round begins with the plane onto one of the eight maps. Experience the smooth and realistic gameplay.

Players can search buildings and loot weapons, armors, bombs, vehicles, and others on the ground. Invite and join your friends, communicate with them with a voice-over, and knock out all the opponents. Customize your character and show special moves. You will earn in-game currency based on the performance used to buy things.    

2. Free Fire

Free Fire, also known as Garena Free Fire, is another famous Battle Royal mobile game. It is a Free-to-play, Action, Adventure, Multiplayer, Shooting, and Third Person perspective game. It is similar to Apex Legends and PUBG, where each match consists of 50 survivors who parachute onto the game map in search of utility items and equipment to kill other survivors or teams.

The ultimate goal of the player is to survive at last. Make your team and knock out all other opponents. There are multiple modes available for players. Experience the realistic and smooth graphics, contact team members, boost their health, manage your economy, purchase weapons, and customize the player. 

3. Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Blackout is the deadliest Online Surviving game developed by Treyarch. It is a package of Action, Adventure, Shooting, War, and Horror. You are a member of the special force against enemies and zombies. The land is full of bloody zombies and equipment. 

Experience the most realistic gameplay with unique and destructive weapons. Humans are on the edge of destruction in the game, so you must follow the story that takes you to different locations worldwide. With multiple modes, you can customize weapons. Play with your friends in solo or Co-op mode and have fun with an endless hour of zombie killing.     

4. Battlefield

Battlefield is a First-Person Shooter video game. It is the most significant Online, Action, Multiplayer Battle, Open World, and War. In the game, you will play in a squad and be a part of the soldier team. You will use weapons, vehicles, planes, tanks, and other equipment for battle. 

It offers players to earn rank and unlock different weapons based on performance. Earn rewards like ribbons, medals, and pins. It presents a class system, and each class includes unique weapons and differentiating roles. Destructible maps are one of the most popular features of the Battlefield.      

5. Lost Island Battle Royale

Lost Island Battle Royale is a Free-to-Play, Massively Multiplayer, and Indie game developed by Mohammad Muwafi. It is the game of survival and shooting. About 50 players will land on an unknown island, and the water starts to rise. 

You must run to survive, achieve the highest points on the map, and get other players to lose. The last player alive wins. Experience the great graphics and good sound effects.  

6. Fortnite

Fortnite is a Free-to-play, Online Survival, Battle Royal, and Sandbox game developed by Epic Games. It includes three different modes. Like PUBG, 100 players fight each other to be the last man standing. Players will battle zombie-like creatures and defend whatever objects they can build. 

It is an open-ended world with so many challenges and destructive weapons. Collect resources like metal, wood, and bricks and use these to build fortifications. Save the world.     

7. Realm Royale

Realm Royale is a Free-to-Play Royal Battle game. It is an Online, Action, Competitive, Massively Multiplayer, Survival, and Third-Person Shooting Video game. Discover the fantasy world, select your class, each with special powers, loot weapons, and magical skills, and cooperate with your squad to win. 

In the game, 90 players drop to the safe land and collect equipment and abilities to eliminate opponents. You can bring it back to your injured teammates. Customize your legend and explore the Realm. 

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