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BLACK ADAM: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and more!




With ‘Joker’ hitting the screens and hearts of DC fans last October, now is the time for a new treat: Black Adam – a sequel in the line, portraying a strong anti-hero image. The Rock Dwayne Johnson is roped in to play Adam. The film by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros is set to commence shooting in July but owing to this Coronavirus influenced worldwide lockdown, it may get postponed to a later date. The release is scheduled to be on 22nd December 2021.


As of now there has been no teaser or trailer for this upcoming movie but we did get an update from Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram post- ‘The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change’, he writes besides posting his workout picture.

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As mentioned earlier, Dwayne will play Black Adam. But there is no confirmation on other members of the cast. However, Jaume Collet Serra is directing the film. The comic creators were Otto Binder and C C Beck, while the script is being written by Adam Sztykiel.


This fantasy cum adventure comic reveals that Adam is the deadliest of all villains in the DC Universe. His real name is Teth Adam. He is said to have possessed all abilities of the Greco-Roman gods.

  • The stamina of Shu
  • The speed of Haru
  • The strength of Amon
  • Wisdom of Zehuti
  • Power of Aton
  • Courage of Mehen

He is chosen by the wizard Shazam to be his successor.

When he utters the magic word, ‘SHAZAM’ he transforms into ‘Mighty Adam’. But soon, he is corrupted due to the abundant powers. So in order to rule the nation, he kills the Pharaoh of Egypt and assumes the throne. Riled by this betray, Shazam renames him, Black Adam. He tries a lot to revoke the powers bestowed to him but he could not. So he banished him to a distant star in the Universe.

But Adam travels for about 5000 years from that star to reach Earth and upon arrival, he finds that Shazam has appointed Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr.[the Marvel family] as his successors.

Furious Adam battles with the family but could not defeat them as they are invulnerable. Uncle Marvel tricks Adam into saying, ‘Shazam’ so that he can once more transform into Teth Adam. 5000 years of aging has made Adam vulnerable to Captain Marvel’s knockdown. He dies turning into a skeleton.


He first appeared in the Fawcett comics-Marvel Family #1 (December 1945). He has also featured in comic books like Justice Society of America, Villains United, Infinite Crisis, and 52.

In 2009, Imagine Games Network ranked Black Adam as 16th greatest comic villain.

DC fans are in strong hope that Adam would be the new Big-Bad and this film would be an absolute feast.

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