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Black Mirror Season 6: Release Date, Trailer, and more!

Saurav Jyoti Nath



Black Mirror is a British anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker. The series is based on The Twilight Zone and uses technology to comment on contemporary social issues.

The first two series aired on the British network Channel 4 in 2011 and 2013, as did the 2014 special “White Christmas”. The program then moved to Netflix, where three further series aired in 2016, 2017, and 2019. The sixth series on Netflix has been greenlit and is in active production as of July 2022.

So, when the sixth season is releasing? What is the plot? Who will be in the cast? Keep reading to know more.

Black Mirror Plot and Cast

Zazie Beetz

Specific story details are yet to be released for the sixth season. As it is an anthology series, each episode will likely feature a brand new story, but all of them will follow the show’s general plot, which reads on IMDb as:

“Set in a world only minutes from our own, ‘Black Mirror’, a UK and USA non-hosted anthology series; unveils how modern technologies can backfire and be used against their makers, every episode set in a slightly different reality with different characters combating different types of technologies.”

One update about the show is that Season 6 will have more episodes than Season 5 – at least 3 more. It will also apparently be more cinematic in scope, with each episode being treated like an individual film.

Furthermore, the episode USS Callister was rumored to be getting a sequel episode or movie of some sort. And since Aaron Paul is returning to the series, perhaps that sequel will appear in Season 6.

Talking about the cast, includes Zazie Beetz, Paapa Essiedu, Josh Hartnett, Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, Danny Ramirez, Clara Rugaard, Auden Thornton, Anjana Vasan, Salma Hayek, and many more.

Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date

Paapa Essiedu

Sadly, there is currently no official release date for Black Mirror Season 6. But if filming is already underway, it’ll probably be out within the next year or so.

It has been confirmed that this season will have more episodes than the previous installment, which only had 3. The upcoming season is scheduled to arrive in June 2023.

Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer

No trailer has been released yet, as the show is still in production. As of now, you can watch the trailer from Season 5 below:


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