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Book of Travels: Release Date, Gameplay and Features!




Book of Travels

Book of Travels is a game that every player would love to play. It’s a multiplayer game. It’s falling under the Indie Genre. This game offers players a rare cooperative role-playing experience. You’ll love the serene elegance of the fairyland.

This is a game for Wayfinders and Wanderers, and it’s not going to schedule your path. Instead, it will allow you to play with your style and form your path. No matter how you want to travel, you will soon add your chapters to the Book of Travels.

Release Date

Might and Delight’s Book of Travels, is set in the fairy tale universe will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam in October, the developer revealed.


Venture off into a living, breathing realm of the fairy tale. Build a character with a distinctive identity of its own and discover the open land of your choosing. Set your targets and form your adventure on your own or with the others you’ll find in this majestic online TMORPG.

Join The Book of Travels by becoming part of special social role-playing experience. Inspired by movie classics, this is a serene journey that sets you back in a fairytale setting, but it’s still an opportunity to play roles without the limitations of linear missions and storylines.

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Feel free to ride across the wilderness and bustling settlements of the Braided Shore Peninsula. Walk deep through the layers of this hand-drawn world, come across its secret locations, or reveal one of its many mysteries. There is no overall objective, no definite beginning or end, but the stakes for mortal characters may be high.

Some key features

  • Authentic role-playing and individual forms of play.
  • The boundless story that isn’t going to take your back.
  • Tiny online multiplayer (TMO).
  • A wonderful world of vulnerability.
  • Use gestures to interact.
  • Innovative RPG schemes.
  • The universe is a hand-drawn diorama.

Committing to the world, altogether.

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