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Boston-based Soul-Pop artist Meghan Krauss Unveiled New Lyric Video For Her Single, “This Is Gonna Hurt”





Meghan is a soul-pop, rock, and R&B performer originally from Seattle, Washington. Her strong bluesy voice and dynamic stage presence have been hailed for her classical training. Guitar virtuoso Greg Howe recruited her as the lead vocalist of globally acclaimed rock band Maragold while she was fronting the popular East Coast bands HyJinx and Steal the Sky.

Meghan has been singing since she was a youngster, influenced by music giants such as Whitney Houston, Ann Wilson, and Mariah Carey. Her self-titled album, produced by Stephen McKnight and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Howie Weinberg, is now available to all of us.

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Meghan Krauss and Her Music Career:

Music has always been a passion of hers. Inspiring her to think and feel. In 8th grade, Meghan had a wonderful choir teacher who inspired her to sing and love the stage. While she has been in school and attempted a few other things, nothing has brought our singer as much delight as producing and playing music.

“So far, the most wonderful experience has been performing in another nation and hearing people who don’t even understand our language chant my songs. When you make something in a private moment, and then watch it impact someone else in a private time, it’s an honor beyond words!”, she said in one of her interviews.

Meghan Krauss and her “This Is Gonna Hurt”

“This Is Gonna Hurt” follows the track “Let Me Introduce Myself Again” which is the lead-off single from her self-titled solo album.

Where can you find her?

You can find Meghan Krauss on her social media platforms, Spotify, and her official website.




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