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Bristol musician, Von Geigerfelt is up with the new soothing album, ‘The Solingen EP’




There goes a famous saying that our environment influences our creativity to the core. Our internal happenings seep out through our passion and give rise to the formation of impeccable art. This is what happened with Bristol’s musician, Von Geigerfelt, who was greatly influenced by the cityscapes and the musical chaos, churning up the cores. There is a distinct feel to everything that gets created there, and one can especially feel it in the music. And who said that city only creates stress? Von’s new music album The Solingen EP is one such ideal example that if you have the tunes right within you, one can easily turn anything into a line of chords. When asked about the process of creating music, Von’s answer was nothing extraordinary – just putting things together, synth line, beat, chords, or even odd electronic sounds; “ It either grows into something worth keeping or it just doesn’t inspire me to continue with it so I start again.

He had been on the fringes of the music scene for quite a while, dipping in and out every few years, the odd live electronica gig or studio session, but this is Von’s first release that is all himself, from the first beat to the final mix. This experience had made him more capable of creating more EP(s) in the future, and how to add more ingredients to make it more splendid. Von Geigerfelt’s longest struggle had been finding a singer that fits and has the right attitude to make it work and finding Kim (Kim Diaz-Smith) was an absolute dream, her voice is not only amazing but she is also so free to work with, she gave his music exactly what it needed. The journey wasn’t easy at all, even in the era of technology and social media, were reaching a large audience base is just a tap away.  But getting accustomed to the technicalities what pulled him back a little bit for a while. One of the greatest hurdles had been the marketing of the music pieces, therefore making the feel lost. But wait for it. Von is not at all ready to give up on his passion and dreams, the greatest attribute is his musical instinct and the sense of realism about what he does.

It takes a lot of courage to accept one’s standard or level of progress, and such pronounced flair is running through the veins. Von knows that he is not the best in the industry and there is a huge path waiting ahead. There are a few acts that are very well known that also come out of Bristol that do it a lot better than him. It’s hard to be influenced by a band or scene and not subconsciously want to make music like that, but he is confident that his music is good and stands out from a lot of what’s made today. And let’s just say, he ain’t wrong about it. If you head over to his album available on Spotify, it is guaranteed that it will transcend you to a different dimension. Just close your eyes, and feel the notes with every heartbeat. The music will also accompany you when you chill out with your gang, or go on a silent date, or even when you just want to be you.

Geigerfelt has already started with the next EP, and work is already underway. He shared a few words about his new work,

“I’m a big fan of having a film to put music to, so I want to see a couple more videos made for tracks from this EP before I get too lost in music again. I’m very lucky that my friends Rich & Dan are artists and they have been brilliant at helping me get that sorted.” 

So if you are looking for a pleasurable and subtle music album, then The Solingen EP is the one for you. What are you waiting for then? Just plug into your pods and travel a further, distant setting, even though you can’t really fly now anywhere else.


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