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California based Matthew Hunkins And His New Track “Feed Duh Flames”!




Music is the food of the soul.” What number of occasions have you heard a melody, and you are out of nowhere changed back to the spot you originally heard it or imparted it to someone else? A song can trigger musings and recollections of a most loved spot, individual, or event. Music is subjective and can mean different things to different people. That’s what California based Matthew Hunkins realized and treated it as his form of expression. His musical journey started back in 2017 as a single artist and ensuing to playing in a huge range of groups over numerous years. Hunkins has been wearing numerous euphonious caps and keeps on demonstrating that he’s a champion of his type.

There’s no twist in his name, and has been using the government registered one. In one of his interviews, he thanked the gift of technology, which helped him with recording, producing, and performing music on his own. If you are wondering who is his inspiration, then there is a little story behind it. One of his closest companions in high school was an exceptional guitar player, and he would watch him playing notes of Black Sabbath and Metallica records in his room. In the end, his friend advanced to playing with the seniors, and sooner, they framed a band singing lyrics from Slayer and Van Halen. Hunkins worked on their covers since he used to work on cartoons during his classes. His outlook somewhat fed the stereotype of a band boy, and was asked to join the group. Matthew had a couple of days to become familiar with the verses to some cover tunes for an informal gathering and recalls that he played a Carvin half-stack. However, the wholesome experience made him delighted and demonstrated the challenges of performing in a group. At last, they began playing a couple of gigs in Hollywood.

Talking about Matthew Hunkins’s latest single, Feed Duh Flames, undoubtedly received positive reviews. His crude ability and originality truly radiates through on this record. Diving into a marked sound that is brilliant and predictable, his multi-dimension approach isn’t just viable but, in addition, new too. The track is a splendidly made tune with a few segments of rock, indie, and even vibes that get you easily familiar with Matthew’s adaptable methods. Deliberately executing tunes that are both divine and yearning, his strong mid-to-high reach vocals truly set the bar elevated for the remainder of the record and kept you absorbed in on the multi-layered detail tracks like this have. Feed Duh Flames is somewhat of a gesture to the most recent political marvel of taking care of purposeful publicity directly to online media in lieu of the customary press secretary and press preparation organizations.

When asked about his greatest daily challenges, Hunkins answered that the hurdles are the basic things: writing, recording, practicing, and especially managing the time. Being a family man, he also does a parallel regular job and spends time with his children. With the advent of advanced music technology, he has saved a lot of expense on recording and editing studios. Life is an opportunity where one can learn and improve every day, and Hunkins resolves to upgrade himself every minute. Hence, his future endeavors involve promoting his video for I’m Loanly, Pictures On The Walls, and Super Con Fuse. He is also prepping for future live performances as the situation gets better.

If you are truly passionate about music, then Matthew Hunkins must be on your playlist and listen to each and every piece he created. You will unquestionably find this collection’s increasing standards for the aspiring artist on the off chance that you are very much familiar with him. In case this is your first time hearing him, you should be prepared to be addicted to his music forever. You can find him on his Twitter or his official website.


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