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Call of Duty 2020: Black Ops or Vitenam War?




Call of Duty 2020

The new addition to the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare, was surprisingly successful. The introduction of Warzone to Infinity Ward and Activision worked the most. Yet viewers are also waiting for further additions to the series. They’ve been enjoying the Call of Duty series for almost a decade now. There are a lot of reports and leaks about Activision working on a new video game called Call Of Duty. The new title, Call Of Duty 2020, is allegedly set in the Cold War / Vietnam War and somehow connected to the Black Ops universe.

As per TGR, Activision may include some information about the upcoming game. Such as the time of the plot, which developers are currently designing the game, how development is progressing, etc.

While the name announced for the upcoming Call of Duty game seems uncertain. It may include a timeline for the planned update.

Release Date

As it appears, there’s no official release timeline for COD 2020-but it has been reported that it will appear in its normal fall time.

One may presume that the game will be released first for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 following later.

What will be the title of the game?

According to new reports, after the victorious return aided by millions of players playing Warzone in quarantine. Many earlier reports and leaks indicated CoD 2020 as a remake of the Black Ops set in the Vietnam War.

TheGamingRevolution, in his new YouTube post, describes that he thinks the game is going to be a soft overhaul. It’s going to be based on the Black Ops plot but in an alternate world. By introducing the idea of multiple interpretations and different options. The game can be a reset, but not a redesign at the same time.

Former Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier revealed on Twitter that the next Call of Duty game will come in the fall of 2020. The next installment in the Call of Duty 2020 series might be set during the Vietnam War.

Schreier has published a tweet that says the game could be part of the Black Ops world, but not remake. He has said that the name he’s heard specifically is “Call of Duty: Vietnam”. Schreier claims the 2020 title is ‘not a remake of the Black Ops,’ following some speculation from TGR and other outlets that it was.

Activision is yet to confirm this report, with the company choosing not to discuss the production studios during its February earnings call.
As part of the post, Schreier noted that big new games, including Call of Duty 2020 and EA Madden, could be published this fall.

Until the expected update is publicly released, one can play CoD: Modern Warfare for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

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