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Canadian Instructor Tish Duffy Gets Candid On Online Training and Fitness For Women




Tish Duffy

Fitness is an integral part of life on any given day. But a recent pandemic and global lockdowns have left the health and fitness of countless people in jeopardy. Fortunately, online fitness instructors have emerged as the savior of fitness in these testing times. In Canada, Tish Duffy is one such shining name.

For over two decades, Tish has been spreading the fitness mantra to people – now, she has widened the reach with her online specials. Here’s more about the experienced fitness coach, her journey, and what makes fitness so special to her.

Life of Tish Duffy

Tish Duffy was born in Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada. She considers herself a through-and-through Calgarian. Ever since a young age, she was fascinated with fitness. Growing in the cold mountains of Calgary, extreme physical activity was a part of life. Her parents were a big influence in inculcating the passion for fitness in Tish from an early age. It was no wonder that she decided to make a phenomenal career in this field.

Today, Tish lives in British Columbia with her husband and 3 dogs. She is also active in her community and believes in giving back to society. Most notably, she has led many stress relief boot camps at the Sheldon Kenney Child Advocacy Centre (now known as Calgary & Area Child Advocacy Centre). She also regularly features in children and women’s events to speak about fitness and her inspiring journey.

Experience speaks

Online training is not a new phenomenon, but it has found a rapid surge since 2020. The biggest concern in online training is the trainer itself; or more precisely, finding a trainer who knows his/her stuff. Well, it doesn’t get better than Tish Duffy.

Tish has experience of over 30 years in the fitness world. She has a kinesiology degree from the University of Calgary – something that instantly sets her apart from many of the gym-bros running online fitness classes. But Tish is not just a nerd; she has walked the talk all her life.

Over the years, Tish has trained professional hockey players, Motorcross athletes, and racecar drivers. She could have been content with that high-profile clientele, but Tish wanted to help more people. She also has extensive experience in fitness competitions, marathons, and adventure races. While she is a Spin and HIIT instructor, she also has experience in boxing and teaches the same to her clients.

It is no wonder that she is considered one of the most reputed instructors in Canada She has twice been featured in Impact Magazine’s list of Canada’s Top Instructors – in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, Muscle Insider named her the Trainer of the Year. Needless to say, Tish Duffy is as legit as they come.

How Tish Duffy Understands Fitness

A lifetime dedicated to fitness is sure to earn you some valuable insights about fitness. For Tish Duffy, fitness is one of the pillars on which a meaningful life could stand. Her brand, “Train With Tish” has been all about spreading this idea. Her training programs combine strength training with nutrition and lifestyle goals. The comprehensive programs are designed to offer a more wholesome view of health and fitness.

Coming from the mountainous regions of western Canada, Tish was always fascinated by outdoor activities rather than workouts in closed rooms. Thus, she always motivates her clients to try outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. Fitness alone is great, but fitness combined with adventure and a connection with nature is even better.

In a recent podcast, Tish revealed the A-Z journey of online fitness. The path begins with finding the right trainer – someone you could trust. In Tish’s experience, most clients come with their own baggage of limiting beliefs and myths about fitness. As a trainer, it is her job to resolve these without making the client feel ignorant. Another of Tish’s goals is to make fitness a wholesome, lifelong journey instead of something temporary. As such, she focuses on the non-aesthetic benefits of her exercise program, as well as the long-term benefits.

Training For Women

Tish Duffy pays special focus on training females. She thinks that many women are still hesitant about fitness – mostly due to personal inhibitions and the myths that surround the fitness world. This is why Tish created her Strong Bodies program to help women get on board with the fitness journey. The program consists of quick, 30-45 minutes sessions thrice a week – easily manageable and sufficient at the same time.

Tish is a strong advocate for weight training in women. She says that weight training can actually be better at promoting weight loss and improving cardiovascular health than cardio exercises. At the same time, weight training also improves muscle and bone strength – something that women above 40 definitely need.

Learn more about Tish Duffy on her website or follow her on Instagram.

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