Casino Games That Are Popular with Gamers in Canada

You could ask which games are not popular in Canada

Let’s start by saying casino games are popular in Canada. Canadians enjoy gambling; more than half the population say they have wagered money, and there are more than 19.3 million active online casino accounts. For a population of around 40 million people, that is what you class as popular. 

The laws are different in each province

Each province is self-governing when it comes to what is and is not allowed in its territory. Ontario recently took the decision to create the country’s first legalized and regulated market for all forms of gambling. The market is open to anyone who is a resident, be they local or on holiday, aged 19 or over. 

Ontario is the first to have a fully regulated, legalized market

By setting up a regulated market, they plan to protect players from potential gambling harms and bring money into the coffers through tax revenues. You could say it is a win, win situation. Rather than reinvent the wheel with government-owned platforms, iGamingOntario invited commercial operators to apply for a license to provide gambling services.

Ontarians can play at big-name online casinos

Now Ontarians can access many global online casinos. In addition, local operators can also apply for licenses and offer casino games to residents. While the market is still relatively new, there are exciting opportunities for gamers to play all kinds of games. If they check that the online casino has the correct license issued by AGCO and iGaming Ontario, they can rest assured that they are protected.

Look before you leap

There are still some offshore operators vying for the gambling purse. Their games and bonuses can look tempting. However, it is essential to remember that they do not have to play by the same rules as their licensed counterparts. If something goes wrong, the gamer has no protection and nowhere to get support. 

Where to find the best online casinos

As online casinos gather and store a large amount of incredibly personal data about you, including financial information, you are advised to exercise caution. Fortunately, Time2Play – an independent review service – have taken a three-sixty look at all the licensed operators in the province. They have then ranked them according to a wide range of criteria to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

So much choice, so which games to play?

Once you know, an online casino is legal and has the customer service and security you expect and need, the big question is, does it have the games you want to play? When many people think of casinos, games tables and roulette wheels immediately spring to mind. The online casinos have plenty of these to choose from. 

Simulations or the real deal

There are both video simulations and the increasingly popular live versions where you play alongside real players with an actual croupier. There are also hundreds of other gaming choices, from poker and craps to sic bo and lottery games. However, that is not all. Online casinos also offer sports betting, horse racing and betting on fantasy games and eSports. Then there is the biggest draw of all – online slots. People love to play on the slots, and the software operators know it.

Everyone loves a slotty

There is an almost endless choice of online slots available. There is a game for every theme imaginable. Yes, they are games of chance, but they are enormously entertaining. There are many online slots with a narrative element; others offer wild reels and special rare symbols. These games are there to be played for fun and entertainment. The chance of winning some money should not be your primary motivator when playing. 

Big names upfront

Some of the most popular online slots tie into other favourite franchises. Rock bands have had bespoke games made. For example, there is a Z Z Top, Roadside Riches game and a Guns N’ Roses slot to take you down to Paradise City. Shock rockers KISS have not one but two games featuring the band, their music, and their iconic image. Lovers of earlier rock and roll have a choice of two official Elvis slots to choose from. 

The choice is endless

The branded slots are not all music based either. Video games like Street Fighter can be played as a casino game. There is also a seemingly endless choice of film and TV franchises that can be played as interactive online games. Titles include Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Rambo and Rocky. 

Not just a pretty face

There are also hundreds of non-branded slots which often have a higher RTP (return to player) percentage. Whatever you love to do, there is almost certainly a slot designed to appeal. What really matters is who the software developer is. The biggest and best have decades of experience and bring players super smooth and exciting gameplay. Look out for names like NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming.

Poker is big business

While slots and other games of chance are enormous fun, poker is a game of skill as well. In fact, for professional poker players, it is much more than just a game. The stakes are high, and there are fortunes to be won and lost. Online poker is enormously popular, and some online casinos like PokerStars started life as dedicated platforms. There are many variants of this game, and the casual gamer should study the rules and etiquette before playing for real money. 


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