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Comparison of European and US Casinos





Online gambling is becoming a prominent part of modern game development. It also means that it is widely accepted all around the world. However, due to variations in casino features and people who are obsessed with playing casino games, all countries offer different rules and regulations. As a matter of fact, gambling in Europe in the United States is rather different. Moreover, this statement is not only correct about the laws of online or land-based casinos. This is also correct when it comes to casino life hacks and the basic features. So today, we decided to take a closer look into the world of online gambling and compare how this activity differs in Europe and the United States.

Game Selection and Casino Features 

Considering how different Europe and the United States are, it is no wonder that online casinos share the same similarities. For example, Europeans definitely prefer to play casino games with real money. The concept of social casinos is more prominent in the United States along with other new features. Therefore, when playing in the US, you will notice that many locals prefer online casino nieuw as precisely unique features and new variations attract users who play casino games with real money. After all, innovations lead the progress. 

Therefore, the Americans are slightly more open-minded, at least when it comes to bets. Social casinos became especially popular when people realized that gambling could involve a lot of fun and not cost any money. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the social casino, you should know that they use digital currency that was designed specifically for a single platform. The same currency you can spend only on that casino and not anywhere else. It may not bring a profit, yet it is definitely entertaining and exciting. 

Bonuses and Unique Promotions

On the topic of game selection, we cannot help but talk a little bit more about different discounts and promotions. As a matter of fact, online casinos are definitely much more popular in the United States than anywhere in Europe. European citizens still largely prefer traditional and land-based options. Consequently, you can encounter de beste casino bonussen in the United States and less impressive versions in Europe. There are also different variations of the aforementioned bonuses and how they influence your casino win. 

We definitely recommend taking a closer look into the rules and regulations of each bonus, especially if it is concerned with real money. Many casinos attract their audience precisely using real money bonuses. Nevertheless, certain regulations and requirements won’t allow you to play casino games using these discounts. Therefore, before committing to anything, make sure to check wagering requirements and the deadline set to use the bonus. 

Gambling Laws

One of the major differences between Europe and the US is their laws. What can be legal in Europe may not be widely accepted in the US. This statement is definitely true when it comes to online gambling. It is also not a secret that every single American state has different laws. Surprisingly enough, Europe is slightly more uniform. So here are some basic things all gamers should know about European platforms: 

  • The legal age of players is 18
  • The same age is for alcohol and casinos
  • Casinos are controlled by the government
  • Players are not always subject to taxes on their wins

You might also be surprised to learn that slot machines are much more popular in the US. It actually makes sense if you think about it. If we go through several casino tips, we will discover that people recommend playing in the United States as the odds of winning using slot machines are actually a little bit higher. Besides, you are getting a much better game selection. After all, this industry is still a little bit more developed in the US than it is in Europe. But you should always check whether your preferred casino uses cryptocurrency, their own social currency, or real money. 

Taxes and Legal Requirements

We have already mentioned taxes. It is only fair that we continue. In the US, both game providers, developers, and even gamers are subject to fees and taxes. However, in Europe, if your casino is licensed, players are not obligated to pay extra fees. Nevertheless, the owners of casinos should always register their venues. For example, in the UK, unregistered gaming is subject to Gaming Duty at 50%. In this case, it is definitely cheaper to pay the first time for registering than almost double the price later. 

As for the actual fees that are taken from players, Europe is rather different. There are some countries that require at least 10% of the overall casino win. But the majority of them ask the payments only from the casino owners. Moreover, to get a proper license anywhere in Europe, you have to go through governmental systems. It is not possible to get a license from offshore companies. Such countries as the Netherlands and Norway gain immense profit, specifically from casino developers. As a consequence, all the licensing is done by the governmental structure and not third parties. It allows Europe to spend this money on education and crucial elements of their systems.  

Final Thoughts

It is pretty evident that European and American casinos are drastically different. They do share some similarities, yet American venues are still a little bit more modern. It is clear that they offer a much better game selection. We were definitely not surprised to learn that slot machines are more popular in America. Besides, Europe has rather lax rules and regulations. The normal legal age is set to 18. At the same time, the United States’ laws differ depending on the location. Overall, gambling is not as different as one might expect. So don’t forget to always be responsible as it doesn’t really matter where or when you play.


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