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Dark Season 3: Burning questions that the final season needs to answer




The tale of the German town of Winden took some mind-bending inexplicable turns as it further unfolded in the second season of Netflix’s Dark. The town is the home to a genius scientist who built a time machine and also a nuclear site which has caused disruption in a mysterious tunnel which takes visitors either ways in time by 33 years. The more one moves ahead on the dark journey of Winden, the more intrigued one becomes about how the future influences the past. In efforts to understand what is going on and how to get rid of it, several sides are trying make amends in the history and the future of the town. Here we pose some questions that need to be answered by the final season of Dark to resolve its enigma.

Who or What is Noah?


The unscrupulous priest Noah believes he is doing the work of God while trying to discover the secrets of time travel. He considers it legitimate to conduct fatal experiments for this on young boys for this purpose after kidnapping them. In a biblical metaphor, he refers to the bunker which transforms into a room with crazy wallpapers as his ‘Ark’. He believes that he will be able to take fate into his hands after the apocalyptic destruction of the town and reset everything to order as he perceives it.

But who is he and which year does he come from? He has probably already mastered some tricks into time traveling. There lies a possibility that because he is covertly Anti-Christ, there is some other demonic metaphysical phenomenon working behind him. There is another theory that he is probably not completely human, but something more supernatural.

What is old Claudia up to?

Noah claims that Claudia is the one who is actually onto bringing evil for the town. Though this sounds a little ironic, let us wait for season 3 before passing the final verdict. Claudia’s family has been in the town for at least four generations as we have learned. She was the one who gave the original blueprints of a time travel machine to scientist H.G. Tannhaus (a subtle tribute to ‘The Time Machine’ author H. G. Wells). She is the main opponent of the secret society Sic Mundus which desperate to gain total control of travel in the town. Her apparent objective is to save lives of dying and disappearing children, but in the process, she might wipe out from existence certain people who are born out of time traveling, like our protagonist Jonas. Moreover, Jonas has claimed multiple times that she is lying and hiding something. What is her plan? What is she hiding and why?

How to access parallel universe versions of Winden?

Season 2 saw ‘Alternate World’ Martha interacting with Jonas. This opened up the show to parallel universes of Winden’s past, present, and future. When Jonas asked her which year she came from, Martha insisted that the question is ‘from what world’ and not ‘from what year’. The actual reason why new Martha is here is still vague. As we saw Jonas totally taken by surprise because of this, probably this was the secret that Claudia is hiding. Whether this is the first time she has entered the cycle of this Winden is yet to be known. Moreover, is traversing parallel universe a solution to Winden’s enigma, or it adds up? Will we see more visitors from parallel universes?

We eagerly wait for season 3 to roll out in June to enlighten us upon these dark questions.

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