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Deathloop: Release Date, Plot and Gameplay!

Yash Mahendra



Arkane Studios, the studio responsible for the Dishonored franchise, drops their latest action-FPS set in the 1960s. Deathloop is set in a mid-century playground soldier-turned-assassin protagonist will run, shoot, and stab his way to freedom from a never-ending day on an island stuck outside time.

Players will play as protagonist Colt, who needs to track down eight targets to kill all over the city. The whole city is stuck in a time loop, so if Colt dies or hits midnight without accomplishing his goal, he restarts in the streets hunting his targets down again. So far everything we’ve heard about Deathloop makes it sound like a Hitman-style sandbox puzzle with Dishonored’s combat, which seems like an interesting combination.

Here’s everything we know about Arkane Studio’s Deathloop.

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Release Date

Deathloop carries with it a May 21st release date for PC via Steam and also the Bethesda store and also for the PlayStation 5.

The game was originally scheduled for 2020 but delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. “This extra time will allow our team to bring Deathloop’s world to life with as much character and fun as you’ve come to expect from our team,” Arkane said.


Deathloop is about an assassin named Colt stuck in a time loop of a day on an island called Blackreef. The only way for Colt to escape the time loop is to kill eight Visionaries, who are the keepers of the loop. Colt has to kill all Visionaries within 24 hours or the loop resets. Dying also resets the loop.

The gameplay of Deathloop shows off supernatural FPS running and gunning reminiscent of the Dishonored playstyle. Colt carries with him an arsenal of guns, can teleport short distances, and toss enemies in the air with the help of telekinesis. Colt likely has other abilities that we haven’t seen yet.

Each Visionary has their own schedule and personality, which means that Colt will have to figure out the most efficient way to traverse the city and get to his targets within the 24-hour time limit. Some of them can only be tracked down at certain times or places. Learning the ins and outs of the city comes as part of the puzzle itself.

“You can tackle any area of Blackreef at any time as you pick up clues and learn more about your targets,” Bethesda says. “The districts are open, like what you might remember from Dishonored, but unlike Dishonored they aren’t tied to levels and can be openly explored whenever you want.”

Bethesda says that each district has its own story that plays out during the day, whether you’re there watching it or off in another part of the city.  You’ll need to learn what parts of the story you can influence to draw out your targets where you can deal with them. Basically, it sounds like Arkane’s previous Dishonored games mixed with the sandbox puzzles of the Hitman series.

One of the visionaries, Julianna Blake, spawns into the game with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing Colt. So players need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Julianna Blake can be controlled by the AI in offline mode or by another player in online mode (much like in Dark Souls).

If you’re a fan of the Dishonored series, this title is definitely worth keeping an eye out for when it drops on May 21st.

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