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Did Valve cancelled Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3?





There is no doubt that Valve was once one of the video game developers most praised of all time. Having churned out huge, innovative hits like Half-Life and Portal, the company also took the gaming arena by storm with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 becoming their dominant gaming games.

Since Valve released the Steam engine. They’ve fallen out of making games, at least not as much as they used to. The VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx launched this year to critical praise. Although it casts a long shadow on several of Valve’s scrapped projects that include Half-Life 3.

Many high-profile, unreleased Valve games have been published, including Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, and a few more.

The Final Hours of Half-Life by Geoff Keighley: Alyx, an immersive collaboration storybook. It provides 15 chapters of details about the team’s tasks. The project reports that at least 5 games like the iconic third half-life and an open-world Left 4 Dead title have been shut down.

Games that were Cancelled

The explanation of why Valve never continued and saw Half-Life 3 through was that the Source 2 engine wasn’t completed and production without it became unworkable. However, it’s said that Half-Life 3 was supposed to be a procedurally generated game where the plot beats were predetermined. The action would work out differently as it would still randomize building structures and enemy placements.

And for the Left 4 Dead 3, it was expected to take place in Morocco, where players will encounter hundreds of zombies at once in an open-world environment. That project was ultimately deemed too ambitious for the handling of the still unfinished Source 2 engine.

Other uncovered Valve ideas include an unknown RPG influenced by games such as The Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls. A Half-Life VR shooter that uses only Half-Life 2 properties, and another concept for an undetailed Left 4 Dead title. There’s also Borealis, a Half-Life VR game that should have moved from the Seven Hour War of the Half-Life franchise to only after Half-Life 2 for some time: Season 2.

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There’s more in the documentary and it’s all said in more depth. But there’s one hint that could pike your interest: Valve has been working on a “top-secret project” since 2018. There’s no clarity about what that might be. With Valve still, all have to be so enigmatic!

There’s a lot, much more than just the details about the cancelled titles, like insights into Valve’s working community, discarded Half-Life elements: Alyx, and plot improvements that would have altered the Half-Life narrative dramatically.

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