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Doom Patrol Season 2 Poster Has Chief’s Daughter Dorothy In It!




Doom Patrol is a series created by Jeremy Carver for DC Universe. It is based on the DC Comics of the same name. The first season premiered on February 15, 2019. The series is about a group of people who receive their powers through tragic pasts. The members of the team were treated by the Chief, a doctor who also protects them from the outside world. The show stars Jane(Diane Guerrero), Rita Farr(April Bowlby), Vic Stone(Joivan Wade), Larry Trainor(Matt Bomer), Cliff Steele(Brendan Fraser), the Chief(Timothy Dalton).

Doom Patrol Season 2 Posters!

The second season of the show is set to premiere on June 25, 2020 on DC Universe and HBO Max! The streaming services released the posters for the second season and fans are thrilled! The poster reveals the first look of the Chief’s daughter, Dorothy Spinner(Abigail Shapiro). Dorothy is an extremely powerful little girl and her appearance is ‘comic book exact‘! The Wizard Of Oz references also adds a nice touch to the posters!



Doom Patrol is the only DCU show that is available on HBO Max currently. The second season will release on the two streaming services the same day. But HBO Max will contain three episodes together on the first day!

What To Expect In Doom Patrol Season 2?

Season 1 ends with the Chief betraying the members of the Doom Patrol. He recalls the events that led to the creation of each one of them. The team go their separate ways but are summoned to the Manor by Danny. Caulder reveals why he betrayed them, he was extending his own life so that he can protect his powerful daughter as long as possible. The team rescues Danny and Dorothy. At the end of it all, every member of the team is miniaturized except Larry!

Season 1 ended with many unanswered questions. Is the team still tiny? Is Caulder still the Chief? What are Dorothy’s powers? Are Vic and Silas fine? Let’s just hope that we get our answers soon!

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