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Dwayne Hooks Webster continues his relentless pursuit of building a music empire

It is everyone’s most extraordinary life objective to achieve the desired outcome. Whenever you fail to achieve your life aspirations, it is disheartening. The effort required for reaching a set of goals is challenging. To achieve success, one has to overcome the pressure and recognize failures along the way.  

In the aftermath of victory, there can be a lot of mixed frustrations. Newly acquired success generates higher expectations, new competitors, enemies, and internal family stress. Maintaining success is more complex than achieving and requires Championship DNA.   

Even if you fail, you will always be inspired to try again by using your inner strength. 

Dwayne Webster Hooks’ Journey to Success 

Every day over two million artists run the race for rap supremacy. Seeking to be in the 2% success rate in Hip-Hop. Climbing the highest mountain of success in entertainment is not for the light-hearted.  

Traveling the unconventional route to Hip-Hop immortality doesn’t include a tour guide or handbook of instructions. A person must be born to win and bread for greatness.    

Dwayne Hooks Webster reflects New York’s epic Hip-Hop rich culture. Dwayne Hooks Webster’s music career is unconventionally inspirational and illuminates his commitment to excellence. His cadence, emotional intelligence, charisma, and instinctive genius glow on every record.   

Dwayne Hooks Webster has created a unique lane for his brand and music. Making music with impeccable mass appeal, rich lyrical content, and unparalleled rap delivery. 

His music empire includes a record label, global merchandising, music publishing, TV and Film production. Dwayne Hooks Webster’s footprints in the music industry will only increase in 2022.  

Dwayne Hooks Webster aligned with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE in 2021. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading monetization and branding agency for unconventional entrepreneurs.   

Jonathan P-Wright

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