Earth At Night In Color Season 2: Plot, Release Date and more!

Who’s afraid of the dark? Not the camera operators on Apple TV+ docuseries “Earth at Night in Color.” Though they probably should be. Earth At Night In Color is back with another lot of episodes! Fascinated by the documentary series’ highly advanced night-vision technology. TheWrap bugged everyone associated with the streaming show to get us the best look possible at the transition from actual night to the bright result we see. They came through — a little after the debut, but through nonetheless. Here is what you need to know about season 2 of Earth At Night In Color!

What is the docuseries about?

Using various combinations of astronomy-grade glass and low-light cameras, “Earth at Night” crews shot the full spectrum of light from (visible) white light to (invisible) infrared light. They then teamed up with a company that specializes in film restoration, NULIGHT Studios), and stripped out the pink and the red.

So we’re seeing behaviors that nature documentarians have not been able to capture with such clarity before. But the other thing that the technology helps illustrate to us is that this is how these animals see things at night, or at least an approximation of it. To a lion, it’s not pitch black at night, because their night vision is very sensitive. For all we know, the blue skies we see on the show are how they see the night all the time. Giving that kind of insight is fascinating, as is all the activity the animals engage in during a time when humans are generally asleep.

Who is narrating season 2 of Earth At Night In Color?

The show is narrated by none other than famous Avengers star Tom Hiddleston. The series has been filmed around six continents. The show is going to be fascinating beautiful and will blow your mind. Do not skip it!

When is the show releasing?

The show is releasing on 16th April 2021 on Apple Tv+.


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