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Ethical Dilemma in Gaming: Top 5 Issues and Opportunities




According to an American Survey around 72% of the population is indulged in video 

gaming whereas around 29% of them are above 50 years. Conversely, 42% are females whereas 58% are male, showing the increasing enthusiasm for gaming. 

The enhancement in gaming and enthusiasm of gamers have brought speedy innovative technological advancements. However, every picture has two sides, mentioned below are some of the issues and challenges which must be included in ethical dilemma essays. 

Opportunities Of Video Gaming Education

Gaming has substantially contributed to the learning and educational phase of children as well as developed individuals, be it class test scoring games, extracurricular activities, or learning through virtual augmentation. On the other hand, innovatively designed video games are also utilized in medical and military training for teaching smart strategic approaches. 


Several games are also based upon boosting teamwork, ultimately giving individuals a sense of professional collaboration for working in a team. 

Hence as per our understanding from ethical dilemma essays, both skills are essential for individuals to master to attain sustainable professional success. Thus they help to implement the same gaming phenomena in reality too. Whether you are a solo game player or representing a team, ace the race!

Brain Functioning 

Virtual activities are designed upon several parameters like the need for multitasking, grasping technical navigations rapidly, and even making smart split-second gaming decisions. Furthermore, gaming is also responsible for improving individuals’ auditory perceptions. 


Some parents are concerned about their child’s inactive social interactions due to excessive gaming hours. However, some games are also designed upon motion-controlled operating systems, examples include Nintendo Wii, Pokemon Go, reality-based treasure hunts. These games enhance a player’s mental as well as physical activities. 

Employment & Job

The increasing involvement of gamers has directly increased the rate of game developers in the gaming market, leading towards the biggest advantage of virtual gaming to be discussed in ethical dilemma essays.

Gaming boosts individuals’ thinking capabilities by inducing interpretative analytic approaches along with problem-solving abilities which are required by current recruiters. 

Issues Of Video Gaming Cyber-Bullying

One of the biggest issues to be covered in ethical dilemma essays is the unjustified exposure of gamers towards cyber-bullying or internet cruelty. Conversely, it snatches away the option of practicing social skills, leading towards minimal to zero essential accomplishment of real-life activities.


As a consequence of aggressive or violent video games, the receptive capacity of gamers is getting affected negatively. On the contrary, the increased demand for shooting, murder, and violent games has boosted the spread of aggressive gaming, especially among youngsters. 

Thus help your children or peers in the selection of ethically sound games.


What has made gaming addictive? The release of dopamine due to playing increases the pleasure state which demands the repetition of this activity. 

Furthermore, the option of rewards acts as eye candy to stimulate the interest of gamers according to John Hopson, a renowned psychological doctor and game researcher. 

Social Absence 

Analyze and calculate the number of hours spent upon gaming whether the gamer is your child, spouse, or girlfriend. Prolonged usage of gaming videos creates a social replacement. Though gaming with real friends is the alternative to physical get-togethers it is surely not a preferable option over face-to-face meetups. 

Time Consumption & Health Deterioration 

Negative effects ranging from vision issues to frequent headaches, obesity, and even the desire of sitting in one place are adversely affecting an individual, obsessed with video gaming.

Ample hours spent on gaming are the time eating bugs that eat your sleeping time, increase your irritability during basic activities and leave you with life-long back pain. Nonetheless, the choice is yours!


To conclude, indulgence in logic-less aggressive gaming has not benefited society in all terms. In ethical dilemma essays, all we can conclude is that excess of anything will lead to adverse results. 


Editor-in-Chief at DroidJournal. A tech-enthusiast, guitarist, and an anime fanboy!

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