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Facebook rolls out a Gaming App




Twitch and YouTube don’t have much competition when it involves streaming platforms for the gaming community. While Facebook remains the most important social networking platform on the earth, it’s struggled to compete against these dominant players. As an immediate response to the COVID 19 lockdown, Facebook has made an accelerated launch towards the fanatical “Facebook gaming app” with an attempt to grow its presence within the online gaming world. The pandemic had prodded the corporate to hurry up other gaming projects, too, including a replacement tournament feature. This was the foremost decisive to enter the computer game business as people seek entertainment during the pandemic.

Facebook Gaming app features

Until now, the Facebook gaming app’s features had a dependent stand. They had been accessible as a tab inside the most Facebook app. But the stand-alone app focuses the streaming and, gaming-only experience for people who want deeper access. Although it’ll also highlight casual games that folks might play online from inside the tab, without an app. Another feature is the ability to “go live” from the app and broadcast the Smartphone’s display on Facebook. The feature lets mobile gameplay be streamed directly with none extra equipment. YouTube features a similar feature available to channels with quite 1,000 subscribers.

The app lets users follow high-profile gamers, watch live gaming streams, and leave comments without interacting with the remainder of Facebook. It also lets gamers broadcast their own Smartphone screen. For the time being, the app has no advertising within it. Facebook will make money when viewers send “stars,” representing sums of cash, to streamers, effectively taking a commission. The corporate said it wanted to create its gaming audience before adding other ways to form money.

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The gaming tab inside the main Facebook app.

The app, which has been tested in Asia and Latin America for a few years and a half, launched on the Google Play app store on Monday. A version for Apple’s iOS remains to follow. In common with rival apps, users can follow streamers and discuss live gameplay, and also interact with Facebook groups about individual games.

The reason behind Facebook Gaming App

Facebook has invested in gaming for years and has tried to create up its streaming community by partnering with different creators and hosting esports tournaments. Despite Facebook’s large user base — quite 2.5 billion people use Facebook monthly — it still lags behind Twitch and YouTube (owned by Amazon and Google, respectively) when it involves hours of gameplay watched. Facebook says it had five million installations of the app during the 18-month test run in limited markets, which quite 700 million people already interacted with its gaming products.


Facebook to Introduce an App for Gaming - The New York Times

With Facebook Gaming’s continued growth, and therefore the current increase in viewership and streaming as an entire while people are stuck reception during the pandemic, the corporate seems like now’s the right time to launch the app. It had been originally alleged to launch in June, consistent with the days, but Facebook moved it up and launched it this Monday to satisfy current demand.

New tools might help Facebook chip away at Twitch and YouTube’s dominance. Facebook is trying to form it easier for its users to start out streaming by adding a “Go Live” button. Like YouTube and Twitch, Facebook does offer monetization to a number of its streamers. “We don’t want to be the background window during a Chrome tab while someone is doing their homework or doing something else,” Mr. Sharma said. “With mobile, if you’ve got the app open and you’re using the app, it’s within the foreground. You can’t do anything on your mobile, which is extremely powerful.”

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