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Freaky (2020): Release Date, Trailer and More!





Freaky is an upcoming American comedy horror film by Blumhouse productions. It is loosely based on the book Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers. Freaky Friday has previously been adapted into a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, and became a household favourite. Now is the time we experience the horror version of it! Is the movie worth watching? When does it come out? Read more to find out!

Freaky: Plot and Cast

The movie focuses on teenager Millie Kessler, who is a relatively normal teenager trying to survive high school. As a seventeen year old in Blissfield High, she frequently has to survive bullying from the popular kids. However, her life is about to undergo terrors unimaginable when The Butcher makes her his newest target.

The Butcher is the town’s most famous serial killer and sets his deadly eyes on Millie. Which probably means that she has no way to escape. The only catch is that he has a mysterious ancient dagger with magical powers. And this dagger seems to be the deadliest weapon that The Butcher could have possessed.

One day, Millie wakes to find herself in the body of The Butcher. She realises she only has 24 hours before she goes back to her own body and becomes his victim. It doesn’t help that now she is one being tracked by the police, while the real killer can fulfil his agenda in the body of the victim. What’s worse: it all has to happen on Homecoming night!

Kathryn Newton plays Millie Kessler while Vince Vaughn plays The Butcher. Other cast members include Uriah Shelton, Alan Ruck, Katie Finneran, and Celeste O’Connor.

Freaky: Release Date and Trailer

Christopher Landon, the director and writer for Paranormal Activity and Happy Death Day, started work on this film in 2019. It is scheduled to be released on November 13th 2020. We can’t wait to watch this horror version of Freaky Friday!

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