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Friend’s Spin-Off ‘Joey’ Is Nowhere To Be Seen On HBO Max!



HBO Max created its wave in the streaming ocean this Wednesday. HBO Max holds exclusive rights to premiere FRIENDS on its platform and due to host the much waited “FRIENDS Reunion”. On the contrary, the platform has excluded FRIENDS’ spin-off “Joey” – NBC comedy starring Matt LeBlanc, which ran from 2004 to 2006.

The show followed Joey Tribbiani’s character from FRIENDS as he moved from New York to Los Angeles to continue work as an actor.

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Photo: Warner Bros.

What Does The Future Hold For HBO Max

HBO has been an innovator for the better part of its nearing 50 years in the business. HBO is catching up with trying to create big waves in an ocean called streaming platforms with HBO Max.

HBO’s superpower seems to be the 50 years in the content creation. HBO Max from WarnerMedia combines original content, decades of Warner Bros. films and television shows, along with programs from WarnerMedia-owned networks like CNN, TNT, and TBS. Unlike Netflix in its current iteration and, to a lesser extent, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max is relying on that library of content to lure in subscribers—more like Disney+.

AT&T, the parent company of HBO, plans to spend more than $4.5 billion on the project over the next few years. The company is eyeing 50 million subscribers by 2025 and envisions that the service will eventually generate billions in annual profits as it takes on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV Plus and Peacock, among others, in the increasingly crowded field of online entertainment.

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The subscription is available at the same price as HBO Now which $14.99/month but with more quality content to offer. HBO Max boasts 10,000 hours of content at-launch.

Variety reported that Joey hasn’t been licensed yet by the streaming service. The spokesperson went on to state, “we’re always assessing available shows to see what will be a good fit and well received by subscribers.”

The Probable Reasons behind The Exclusion Of Joey

Joey quite didn’t fill the shoes of “Friends”. Truth be told, it’s not easy for any successor to fill the shoes of a behemoth like Friends. Joey received critic’s acclaim at the beginning of the show. The ratings descended along with the show’s progress, leaving the last eight episodes left unaired.

Friends producer Kevin S. Bright in a candid conversation with revealed: ‘At first it was the obvious choices of who they wanted to do a series with and Jennifer was up there first, but she wanted to do movies and she wasn’t interested in television.’

But Joey wasn’t even their second choice.

‘Then we liked the idea of a Monica and Chandler series, but everyone at the end, strangely enough, while they were grateful for doing the show, they didn’t want to play those parts anymore,’ he told us, but there was still one cast member not quite ready to let go.

‘Matt loved Joey and he didn’t mind playing Joey,’ Kevin continued.

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Although Joey was a lovable dimwit on Friendshis lack of intelligence was pushed even further on Joey, without the charm to set it off. The show took Tribbiani’s nincompoop to undue extents.

Despite the exclusion, HBO Max has a great deal of content to offer. Subscribe here.

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