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Gambling on Android VS iOS – Which Mobile Software Is Better for Online Gambling?





As the world of mobile gambling continues to evolve, players from across the globe get the opportunity to play their favorite games from the comfort of their homes or anywhere. Today’s advanced gaming technology makes it possible to play various games from a mobile device of your choice. Amid these technological advancements, you will note that two of the industry’s biggest players are in a rush to outdo each other. Android and iOS are in a hurry to present themselves as the preferred mobile software for online gambling. So who is the clearest winner in this competition?

Before we can get any further with this stiff rivalry that spans over several decades, one thing that we can all agree on is that both mobile software has done a tremendously good job in online gaming. Whether you are looking for an enjoyable online fish table game or other casino games, you can enjoy them from Android and iOS alike. However, just like any other competition, there must be a winner. The only question is – who is the best here?

In a nutshell, iOS appears to carry the medal of the best mobile software for gambling when evaluated from the scope of game quality, seamless continuity of the gaming experience across your different iOS devices, and superb performance. However, if you tweak things around and look at the availability of numerous games and a less restrictive environment, Android easily carries the day. The two mobile software giants seem not to differ much when considering aspects like methods of payments in the casino and bonuses. That’s mainly because these are features controlled by the casino and not iOS or Android.

Generally speaking, the best mobile software will depend on your personal needs as a player. Therefore, you need to look at different facets to understand whether Android or iOS is the best in that regard. For instance, iOS is well known for exclusivity, whereas Android gives you the benefit of trying a variety of games. So let’s keep digging deeper to learn more.

Who Started Offering Real Money Games Earlier than the Other?

The pioneers of any industry are often seen as the leaders, even if they may not perform as effectively as they were when they started. That’s because, in most cases, these pioneers introduce rules that any other entrant in the industry must follow. 

As of December 2013, most of the big casinos had started offering mobile versions of their games to take advantage of the rising smartphone market. The emergence of technologies like bitcoin and other cryptos further fueled this uptake because it became possible to load funds in gamer’s accounts with a few clicks. However, Android was nowhere close to allowing real money apps on its platform.

A common trend back then was that users would access different mobile gambling sites from their browsers. Even as that happened, Apple still stood out as the first mobile software provider to begin offering gambling apps on its platform in 2011. The company mainly did this because of the financial motivation that mobile gaming apps provided. Different news publishers closely followed Apple’s performance as far as mobile games were concerned. For instance, The Guardian reported that mobile gambling revenues shot up by 300% from 2010 when Apple permitted real-money gambling apps on its platform for the first time. 

As late as December 2015, Google had not started offering real-money gambling apps on the Play Store. However, we noted a change in attitude as we headed to 2016 when the platform acknowledged the need to offer this support. Eventually, Play Store normalized gambling for real money on its platform from 2017 onwards. 

Generally, iOS stands out as the winner when it comes to who started revolutionizing mobile gambling for real money. Whereas Apple supported the feature from as early as 2011, Android had to wait until five to six years later to actually begin offering the first real money gaming apps on its platform. But, of course, that approach had varying implications for different players. 

User Interface and Experience for Mobile Gaming

Fast-forward to 2021, and you can now play real-money games on both Android and iOS. Thus, any emerging players in the mobile gambling world may not necessarily care about who came first in the industry. Instead, they will focus more on other aspects like the user interface and experience.

Evaluating the two giants based on user interface tends to strike a tie. But, in any case, most user’s level of satisfaction interacting with both operating systems boils down to the individual level. 

Apple users normally argue that the platform has a great user experience mainly because of its connectivity and fluidity when working with multiple iOS devices. For instance, if you have multiple iOS devices, you may often feel a seamless transition from one device to the other. You may begin gaming on your iPhone in the morning and proceed to do so in the afternoon from the iPad without feeling much difference. In other cases, if you buy a new iOS device, you may feel that it was ready-to-go since all that you need to do is log in with your iCloud account, and your favorite gambling apps could automatically install. The player does not have to go through the hassle of recalling the app’s name and looking for it in the App Store. 

On the other hand, Android offers a desirable user experience in terms of high-level customization and adjusting. Thanks to the massive customization feature, users can get unique Android phones for their gaming needs. You no longer have to settle for the default look and feel of the Android phone outside the box. The various aspects that users can consider for this include the app launcher, the wallpapers, the app icons, and the overall keyboard design. Something as simple as changing how your keyboard looks can significantly impact your overall gaming experience. 

Based on the above considerations, no user can rush into claiming that their Android phone or their iOS device has a better user experience and interface than the other. It all depends on you as a person and your personal preferences. If you prefer something that is ready to use in a short while and has a polished look, you could go with iOS. On the other hand, if you want to tweak everything to suit your individual needs, Android is your best selection for mobile gaming.

Desired Gaming Apps

The kind of apps available on the mobile device arguably stands out as one of the most important considerations for anyone comparing Android and iOS. You can look at these aspects from two different angles. 

For starters, Apple appears to carry the day in as far as the quality of mobile gaming apps is concerned. This is because mobile software has very strict rules that developers must satisfy before their apps are allowed on the platform. In any case, it appears as though the mobile game creators are the ones who literally beseech Apple to host their apps on the platform. Apple’s locked-down ecosystem makes it have tight control on the apps that end on the platform, which is the main reason it has superiority over quality. 

While you enjoy excellence on Apple, most users find it a disappointment because they do not have the opportunity to try different games. Android’s open ecosystem means many developers have the opportunity of hosting their games on the platform. Thus, players can access numerous games that cut across slot machines, table games, and classics such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette. 

As you evaluate Android and iOS apps competition, players also look at how often they receive updates and to what extent they can preserve their privacy. Generally, the operation of Android mobile gaming apps is that they have less strict conditions that they should meet. That translates to relaxation in the frequency of software updates for the gaming apps. Thus, you may end up having the same gaming experience for quite a long time before any meaningful improvement. On the other hand, Apple requires their developers to push software updates regularly, or else they would lose the right to host on the platform. That explains the regular and trusted gaming app updates that they receive geared to enhancing the app’s overall look and feel. 

Privacy is a crucial aspect of mobile gaming, and Apple appears to have made many steps ahead of Google in this regard. Its mobile gaming apps gather less information about the user, something that the majority of the players appear to appreciate. Furthermore, the release of iOS 14.0 onwards has seen users regain significant control over the kind of information that mobile apps can collect from them. This is something that Android is not keen on implementing because its overall success depends on getting as much information about the mobile users as possible. 

Game Speed and Performance 

Mobile gaming, and by extension, online gaming, is all about speed. The faster the platform, the more users will have a better experience. No one wants to waste several minutes of their valuable gaming time waiting for an app to launch or load the game. 

iOS has a smooth and faster experience compared to Android when it comes to app operations. For example, when gambling via the same application on Android and iOS, you will incur fewer hiccups on the Apple-owned operating system than you would for Android. 

The irony, in this case, lies in the fact that some of the Android devices tend to have a higher specification threshold compared to what Apple offers but still fail to match the user experience. For instance, iPhone 12 Pro Max currently stands out as the flagship device with 6GB RAM and a six-core CPU. Yet, these specifications are easily mid-range in an Android market. 

The problem with most users is that they tend to focus more on specifications and forget to look at the most important considerations. You do not get powerful performance by simply purchasing the highest specs mobile device. You need to pay closer attention to the processing power as well as speed clocks. A non-technical mobile gambler may not be able to understand these terms. However, that is not the focus of this guide. In general, Apple has superiority when it comes to processing which translates to swift performance when gaming.

Of course, if you purchased the latest flagship Android device and compared it to an older iDevice, the former will perform better than the Apple phone. Nonetheless, you would still note key discrepancies in the software and hardware compatibility.

Apple’s tight integration has proven to work in the company’s favor over the years. That explains why you do not necessarily need super-powerful specifications iPhone to get the desired performance that high-end Android smartphones offer. The secret lies in hardware and software optimization. Apple usually requires the developers to create the mobile apps in a way that efficiently utilizes resources. When they optimize their code, they only have one type of device in mind instead of what may appear an endless list of smartphones, as is the case with Android.

Gaming Apps Security 

Sad as it may be, the reality is that the online games marketplace is never always secure unless you are using a trusted platform. Malicious hackers understand the rapid rate at which users have embraced mobile games and are eager to exploit that as an opportunity to steal valuable information for their selfish gains. 

Due to this fact, it becomes necessary to only play on casinos that you trust. And that is where Android gets it wrong. 

As mentioned, Android has a more open ecosystem. It lets in a wide range of developers, many of whom may not have passed the strict rules established. You may download an app thinking that it is from the genuine provider, whereas it is actually close in a real sense. As a consequence, the app steals your information in addition to performing other malicious intent.

Remember that Android allows users to download and install programs from the Internet. All that you need to do is turn on a setting that you trust a certain program, and you are good to go. Users who know what to look for in a genuine mobile gaming app may not suffer much from this feature. In any case, it can be a big plus because of the ability to install any application of their choice. Sadly, not everyone can do that, and you may mistakenly install a harmful app. 

On the other hand, Apple takes control of the production process and believes it is the first line of defense for its users. That is why you cannot download and install apps from the Internet on the platform. Doing so effectively blocks the one place that malicious roam freely. As if that is not enough, iOS does not allow just any app on its platform. Thus, you can trust any app that you download from App Store. 

Undoubtedly, Apple takes the lead when it comes to gaming app security. You can also control updates to vulnerabilities in Apple much better than Android. In addition, the typical security support for Apple devices extends for up to five years. This is a big advantage considering that Apple users generally tend to purchase a new phone in a maximum of two years. 

Ongoing Access to Games

When it comes to online casino gaming, users often want to know that they can access the same game for a long time. You do not want only to access your favorite games in a short while, and then the next day, you find that they have been deleted.

Unfortunately, that is what normally happens in the case of Apple games. You may be happily enjoying your games one day, and the next day the company deletes them. That mainly happens because of Apple’s strict policies. The games get immediately deleted when the developers fail to meet stipulated requirements.

On the other hand, Android tends to have very relaxed rules as far as the deletion of apps is concerned. So with this, you have the peace of mind that you’d have access to your favorite casino games. 

It can take several years before Android conducts any cleanup exercise. That cannot be said for Apple, which is well-known for its frequent cleaning. Developers often get frequent emails reminding them of a looming cleanup exercise, most of which never ends without some people seeing their games get lost forever. There is a very low percentage in the frequency at which deleted games are returned to the store.

Another aspect that you need to remember is that Apple has updated its hosting charges. As a result, those who make money from App Store apps are required to part with as much as 30% of their revenue generated through the platform. This has a negative effect on people’s willingness to continue maintaining their casino games on iOS. Hence some of them would eventually be abandoned and deleted.

Apple and Android Differences that Do Not Matter Much

As you look into online gaming, make sure that you consider the features discussed above as you choose your preferred mobile software. Generally, the final operating system that you settle for will depend on your preferences and budget. Of course, you will need to invest more money in Apple devices than you would for Android. 

As a mobile gamer, some things may not disturb you whether you are on Android or iOS, even if they vary slightly. Some of these include:

  • Mobile payment options 

iOS and Android can have different payment options, but this should not be a problem for you because none could be better than the other. Keep in mind that the online casino may have more control over the payment option compared to App Store or Play Store. Your overall goal is to go for popular options like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, PaySafe Card, and bitcoin.

  • What about the welcome bonus in Android and Apple?

Whether you are playing from an Android device or on iOS, you can expect a Welcome Bonus from the casino when you sign up. This is a requirement that fits within the casino’s rules and not the mobile software. In some cases, a casino may have a special bonus for users who download and install their mobile platform. But, of course, you would miss out on this offer if it happens the casino does not have an Android or iOS version. 

As mentioned, Android’s open ecosystem gives you the highest chances of getting the relevant app than iOS for given bonuses. Even if you miss out on the special offer because the app is not available on your mobile store, you can still expect to get the Welcome Bonus when gaming via the browser. 

  • Data charges when playing

Whether playing on Android or iOS, you should expect to incur data charges. This is because the only way to connect to the online casino via the app is to have Internet access. So make sure that you get a sufficient data package. In any case, the best approach would be to subscribe to an unlimited package as offered by your ISP. That avoids chances of running out of data connection amid a gaming session. 

Even as you look into the data issue, interesting research shows iOS apps consume more data than Android versions. However, this would not matter much when you have an unlimited data package. 


There is no denying that Apple and Google have significant differences in their mobile software. Their differences cut across the user experience, performance, security, and access to various apps. The operating system that you choose for your gaming will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the need to get swift performance.



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