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Game Theory: The Positive Effects of Video Games on the Brain





Most students don’t imagine their life without video games. And no wonder why! Gaming is a great way to relax and restore your energy after studies. This fun entertainment helps learners forget about all the difficulties they face at college, so they can reboot their brain. Although many people say that gaming is a terrible activity leading to addiction, it’s not really true. However, it sometimes makes students forget about their school responsibilities. If you become too absorbed with video games, there is a simple solution to help you keep up with the studies. Read about it below!

Don’t forget about the assignments you received in college

It’s easy to forget about the outside world when you are playing exciting video games. Their graphics and plot must be more interesting than reading textbooks, so you may postpone doing your assignments until the last minute. Unfortunately, when you suddenly remember about homework, it may be too late. So what to do if you feel that you are not going to meet your deadline? Obviously, you should turn for help. Luckily, there are a lot of online platforms that offer assistance with college assignments. You just need to type in a search engine ‘write my college paper’ and you’ll see a list of professionals who can do this job for you. Don’t pick the first specialist you see on the web. Instead, carefully read the information about different writers to choose the one that meets your needs. Some of them are really good at dissertation writing, while others can deliver an excellent research paper. 

Once you are sure that your homework will be done on time, you can dive into the world of video games. Let’s consider some of the major benefits of gaming for your brain. 

Better memory

To succeed in some video games, you need to create a serious strategy. For example, Minecraft requires you to remember a lot of details in order to build your own civilization. You must keep in mind where you found resources and where it’s better to go next. You also have to juggle multiple goals while navigating a space. Therefore, exploring virtual worlds can have a positive impact on your memory. 

In fact, you are exercising a part of the brain called hippocampus while playing complicated video games. Hippocampus is responsible for converting short-term memory to long-term, so you’ll become better at memorizing facts for a long period of time. A study conducted at the University of California in 2015 revealed that gamers had better results at memory tasks related to the hippocampus than those who didn’t play video games. As you see, video gaming can keep your mind sharp.

Improved spatial visualization

If you are studying 3D design or other disciplines that require developed spatial visualization, then you can benefit from video games. According to a study organized by the American Psychological Association in 2013, shooter video games help you visualize space better. It turned out that active gamers are good at judging distances between objects and mentally rotating objects to fit them into a space. Enhanced spatial visualization can come in handy not only in STEM careers but also in everyday life. For example, it helps to park a car in a tight spot. 

Faster problem solving

Any video game challenges you to solve complex problems. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be interesting to play. The good news is that virtual problem-solving is considered a great practice for real-life difficulties. In 2013, the American Psychological Association conducted a study which showed that adolescents playing strategy video games had great problem-solving skills. Moreover, their grades at school were above average. The study actually revealed a strong correlation between the frequency of playing video games and improvement of problem-solving. Probably, it happens because gaming requires analysis, memorization and creativity, which are necessary to find effective solutions. Additionally, problems often require persistence to be solved, and that is one more thing you can learn from video games while overcoming obstacles imposed by them. 

Elevated mood 

As mentioned above, video games can be a perfect way to relax. They help you unwind after a hard day and maintain your emotional health. According to the findings of the American Psychological Association, even short game sessions can improve psychological well-being and make people happier. Psychology experts say that complex and immersive video games can be very therapeutic. Why so? Just think, when one is fully absorbed in a virtual world, there is no time to worry about work or studies. So you can use video games as a tool to get rid of stress and anxiety. 


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