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Getting A Closer Look At DJ Rockstar, The Music Genius Of Philly




Every music artist has his own way to perceive the beauty of music. For DJ Rockstar, it was always about playing with sounds and creating magic.

DJ Rockstar was born as Harry L Taylor III in Philadelphia. His family lived in a housing project called Hill Creek Projects. Despite being born in poverty, he recalls being quite happy with his family and upbringing. When he was a teenager, his family moved to Howland Street where they had purchased their first house. For some time, Harry lived a relatively prosperous life. However, tragedy struck one after another, and he lost both his parents as well as his two younger brothers in few years. As the only one left in his family, Harry only had the memories to go on with.

By the time he turned 20, he joined law as a profession. He would have been content with this life, but there was always something missing. When he wasn’t working, he would do karaoke sessions with his friends. It was then when he realized that he has a knack for music. With some encouragement from his friends, he decided to try to make a career in music. This is how the story of DJ Rockstar began.

The one person he looks up to the most is DJ Jason E, his first mentor. He recalls watching him spin and do his magic with sounds. Inspired by this, he sought out Jason E, who graciously agreed to take him under his wing. Even today, DJ Rockstar considers Jason E as his biggest musical inspiration. The two DJs are close friends today, but DJ Rockstar still looks at him as his teacher.

Perhaps the place where DJ Rockstar found his true success was in Atlantic City. In its casinos and parties, the young DJ soon found a place he could call his second home. Today, he is a resident DJ at Atlantic City Nightlife and frequently moves between the city and Philly. Over his career, he has collaborated with some prolific DJs and music artists. One of his fondest memory is when he worked together with Tiesto, when the latter used to be a headliner at Revel Casino. He has also worked alongside DJ Snake, one of the most popular DJs in the world right now. It is no doubt that DJ Rockstar is part of the Senate DJs, an elite group of DJs that include some of the most popular names in the country.

Beyond music, one of the things DJ Rockstar is most passionate about his fitness. For someone who struggled his way towards success, fitness comes naturally. Whenever he is not working, he likes to work out. As a rule, he works out 6 days a week and is dedicated to never skipping the gym. He is also an avid basketball player and likes to hit the court whenever he can. Given the amazing shape the 44-year old is in, it is safe to say that all those workout sessions paid off.

The coronavirus pandemic hit everyone hard across the globe, and people could really use some good music today. Perhaps this is what made DJ Rockstar mark his return with some fresh music he created during the lockdown. For this, he is collaborating with his long-time partners Joe Zangie and Rockell. The gang is known for producing some wild hits back in the day, including “In a dream” and “Mad about you”. His new set of music will be released under Fever Records. DJ Rockstar is also planning to soon return to concerts – something his fans would absolutely cherish.

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