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Godless Director Scott Frank has a New Series in the Pipeline





Scott Frank is responsible for creating two of the biggest hits on Netflix in recent years, Godless and The Queen’s Gambit. These limited series were vastly different, but both were cinematic masterpieces with compelling storylines. Now, it has been reported that Frank has a new series in the works, an adaptation of Mary Doria Russell’s 1996 novel, The Sparrow.

Godless Brought the Wild West back Into the Mainstream – As Highlighted by the Online Casino Industry

Frank has made plenty of films, but he gained widespread attention on the smaller screen when he released his wild west offering, Godless, in 2017. The series was so popular that it could be credited with helping to bring the genre back into the mainstream.

This is highlighted by the rise of western online slots, which are always a good barometer for what’s hot in popular culture. When you play online casino at Paddy Power Games, you’ll notice that there are countless western-themed titles. These include Wild West Gold Megaways, Wild West Chest, and Wild Wild Web. There’s no doubt that the popularity of Godless helped influence developers to make more western slots to capitalize on its success and offer viewers another way to enjoy the show’s themes.

Godless was nominated for numerous awards and was also named in the top ten series for 2017 in The Washington Post. Many fans were disappointed that it ended after seven episodes, as they were hungry for more.

Queen’s Gambit Was a Solid Follow Up

Godless worked well as a self-contained story and, rather than carry on with another series, Frank turned his attention to a new project. He released The Queen’s Gambit in 2020, another series that was met with high critical acclaim on Netflix. This series featured a completely different premise, but it was just as riveting and engaging.

The Queen’s Gambit followed Anya Taylor-Joy as Elizabeth Harmon, a chess prodigy who makes it to Russia to take on the best in the world. The series had a similar effect on popular culture as Godless did, with many people feeling the urge to get into chess online after having watched it.

Frank Now Working on Adaptation of The Sparrow

With Godless and The Queen’s Gambit becoming such widespread fan favorites, television viewers have been eagerly awaiting news of Frank’s next project. It has been confirmed by Deadline that there is a new offering in development, and Frank is teaming up with Chernobyl director Johan Renck to make it.

The upcoming series is an adaptation of The Sparrow, a science fiction book from 1996 in which explorers travel to a distant planet. Brad Pitt was once reportedly keen on starring in a movie version of Russel’s novel, but there is a strong argument to say that its premise would work better on the smaller screen.

With Frank’s reputation for creating interesting, award-winning series that end up being pop-culture sensations, there’s a good chance that The Sparrow will be another unmissable television event. There’s no information about its release date yet, but it’s definitely one to watch out for.


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