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Good Bones Season 5: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and More!





Are you missing Mina and Karen already? Don’t worry! They are back with more properties this time. They will make you love the homes and decoration. The show is one of the popular reality shows in HGTV. Good Bones Season 5: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and much more! Set in Indianapolis, the American reality series is the highly anticipated show on HGTV.

Cast of Good Bones Season 5

Good Bones Season 5: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and much more!

The cast of the Good Bones, be it any season, comprises of the star duo- Mina and Karen. Let me introduce you to the stars of the Good Bones. Karen is a former attorney/lawyer. She and her daughter Mina joined hands to work together in a company, they found. ‘Two Chick and Hammers’ is the name of the company. Mina is a real estate agent. Unlike other shows, ‘Good bones’ focuses on the home decorating and marketing skills which gives us a pleasant feel. This mother-daughter duo is up for another task. Let’s see what it is.

Plot of Good Bones Season 5

While the plot of any season revolves around Mina and Karen restructuring dilapidated properties in Indianapolis, Indiana into habitable homes, the new season speaks much more. Mina will share her emotion-filled IVF journey. She is also happy that she is going to become a mother for the second time. She is happily married to Stephen. Also, the duo will focus on a property. We shall get to watch them navigate through the property inch by inch, changing whatever they can, within the strict budget.

Good Bones Season 5: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date, and much more!

But unfortunately, Karen is going to retire from the show. She says, “I decided it was the right time to retire from our business, but I’ll still be renovating homes with Mina in the city we love.”

Retirement of Karen in Good Bones Season 5

One sad news to all fans is the retirement of Laine, one of the pillars of the show. She announced her retirement in her blog and her daughter also confirmed the sad news on her Instagram page. “I have complete confidence that the company Mina and I founded, based on the novel idea of improving neighborhoods by rehabilitating the worst houses in a neighborhood, one house at a time, has a bright future! I won’t be far, and will likely just be puttering in the yard!” she writes.

Mina is also sad like us fans, but we can hope that she carries the show single-handedly. “It’s been a very busy year renovating homes, opening our new storefront, navigating Mom’s retirement, and dealing with the roller coaster of trying to get pregnant, all while raising a toddler.” She also says that she gets excited about sharing each step with the fans.

However, there is no reason to assume that Karen will retire completely. We still get to see her in guest appearances. That’s pretty good to hear, no?

Trailer and Release Date of Good Bones Season 5

As of now, we don’t have a trailer for the show. But we got sneak peeks! Watch a sneak peek here!

The streaming TV network HGTV announced the release date. We will get a glimpse of what Mina has for us on June 9, 2020. Sharp at 9.00 pm, tune in HGTV to see the first episode. Subsequent episodes will be aired every Tuesday.

Why Is Good Bones’ Karen Laine Leaving The Show In Season 5?

Good Bones will be missing one chick! Karen Laine is leaving the show. Read to know why?

The reality show consisting of mother and daughter duo will be missing one important person from the show. And that would be Karen, the mother of Mina and one of the chicks of the Two Chicks and Hammer company. Read to know why she is leaving the show!

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