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GTA 6 Timeline, Release date and Rumors: When is the game going to be set?




GTA – Grand Auto Theft is an action-adventure gaming series developed by David Jones and Mike Dailly, while subsequent games were developed by the brother’s Dan and Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies and Aaron Garbut. It is mainly developed by British production firm Rockstar North and distributed by its parent company, Rockstar Games.

The name of the series applies to the word “grand auto theft” used in the U.S. for the robbery of motor vehicles. The GTA gaming series has been critically praised and financially successful, having sold more than 280 million copies, making it the fourth-highest ever selling video game franchise. The series was also criticized for its mature nature and violent scenes.

GTA 6 Release Date

With the announcement of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X before the holiday season, the gamers have high expectations that Rockstar will reveal the next installment in the GTA Family.

One intention is to release GTA 6 as a “smaller title” and then follow it up by increasing it with additional content over time. The precise information about this is not clear yet.

Kotaku reports that GTA 6 could be a “moderately-sized title” when released with a series of daily updates to keep it up to date.

This image of GTA 5

The plot of GTA 6

Rumors and secrets have long been raised by GTA 6 in Vice City, the Miami-inspired place most recently seen in the 2006 game GTA: Vice City Tales. This was also said to take place over a variety of periods, likely jumping back and forth to Vice City and another venue, such as GTA 4’s Liberty City.

Yet none of this is proven, and GTA 6 could potentially take place anywhere in the GTA world-including a completely original venue.

What is the proof that GTA 6 is now in the works?

The Kotaku article states that following the release of GTA 5 in 2013, GTA 6 is already “early in development,” which means that it is more likely to be two, if not 4-5 years away, based on how long such games typically take to be completed.

After stating that Rockstar’s next major game was “early in development,” Schreier clarified via Tweet that GTA 6 was still “a while away.” While GTA 6 was not the subject of the story, this small information captured everyone’s eye.

“We don’t know what the GTA 6 is going to be, but we have some ideas,” Benzies said at the interview. “We’ve got some 45 years of plans that we would like to pursue. We will select the right ones. The map and the narrative are going to work together, and the narrative is a simple flow about how it works so that you can add the task in.”


So, consider GTA 6 to be launched later on the new consoles, not moving in over the next year or two. So, when it gets here, realize that it may not be done yet. Allegedly for a legitimate cause, so we’re going to see how it works in reality.

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