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GTA 6: What characters to expect?



GTA 6 is in progress, and one can think of a few fan-favorite characters that earn a return in the much-awaited series. The GTA franchise has always focused on an arsenal of unforgettable characters. And when GTA 6 brings any dramatic improvements to the game, one can guarantee that the next installment will feature a lot of new characters.

There’s precedent here; Lazlow Jones has been kicking around GTA titles since GTA 3, Ken Rosenburg has portrayed Tommy from Vice City and CJ from San Andreas. Also CJ, Sweet, and Ryder are both flying throughout GTA 5. We’d expect several characters again, as we’ve seen with GTA 5, and a new female protagonist would spice up the GTA recipe.

GTA 6 Character News

GTA 6 is now all but official, but a lot of speculation and reports are flowing to the media. The most recent one is that we might have identified the first character.

Earlier, actor Jorge Consejo seems to have got the hearts of GTA fans racing as he may have inadvertently revealed some interesting GTA 6 development news.

According to a forum on ResetEra, the skilled thespian has publicly confirmed that he is interested in the development of GTA 6, citing work on the title on his resume. The report reads that he plays the part of someone named “Mexican”. Could it indicate that “Mexican” is the first GTA 6 character?

However, we should hope to see more coverage in the coming weeks.

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The world remains in the dark when it comes to details about GTA 6. But if any reports are accurate, you may be meeting an old friend in the new title. Unless the game just discusses the cocaine trade between the U.S. and certain South American nations. So you’ll go straight to the Rockstar edition of Miami, Vice City.

The King of Crime in the City of Sin goes by the name Tommy Vercetti. He built his kingdom in the 1980s and, based on the limited evidence, seems to be still alive to rule the country. If anyone is looking to make a GTA 6 debut, Vercetti is the safest bet.
Dedicated fans are eager for some news about Rockstar Games. And any lead will be picked and explored in detail before official details are eventually released.

The discovery is the clearest evidence of the life of the game that has yet to be found. Fans know almost nothing more at the moment. But certainly, it won’t be long before the ever-changing rumor and leaked papers deliver the next big GTA 6 innovations.

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