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GTA Online offering their Bodysuit Outfits Free Of COST !!!




Grand Theft Auto, an adventure-action multiplayer video game was first introduced in 2013 by Rockstar games. The game was published on PS3 and Xbox 360 initially and then escalated to PS4, Xbox One, and Windows Version. When the new version was released, there was quite a lot of disfunction for which so many players were disappointed. It also received awards for ‘Biggest Disappointment’.

Later, after the issues were solved, it welcomed a great reception from the players. Year after year, GTA’s updates and upgrades are most awaited among the gaming masses. It subsequently received awards for the best game it is.

The game that drastically climbed from a disappointment to one of the best video games, has an outfit update. Rockstar, the developer of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, announced a gang war between aliens. The aliens will be wearing either a green or a purple bodysuit. Also, instead of the usual anal probe, the victims are thrown into a van and will be driven out with sticks and beat them up too.

This has been the hot news because for the players who log in to GTA, will be given $500,000. The cost shocks most as this money will be sufficient enough to get one of the expensive bodysuits. The purple suit costs around $330,000 and a green one costs $358,000, a little more expensive.

Not to stop with this giveaway alone, Rockstar still has fuel left to fire the excitement in the players. It is announced by Rockstar fan that free pool cues from Ammu-nations are also a part of the giveaway. As a matter of fact, there’s no use only dressing up with bodysuits and ad hoc clubs, right?

Also, few gaming enthusiasts have been digging more information related to the giveaway by GTA. The news given above is also said to hold good and official by GTA Online Subreddit. To add fun and prove the news to be true, memes relating to the giveaway by GTA is posted by Subreddit.

This offer is amazing if you ask me as just by a log in there’s an instant deposit in your Maze Bank account. You can participate in a gang war in a video game that is goofy and cushy without paying a single pie. Just as you know, opportunities knock the door only once, buying a bodysuit free of cost, and enjoying a gang war is worth experiencing.

To add zeal to your already exciting reflexes, NightClubs have a straight 40% off, Business Battles are gifting RP rewards and a triple GTA$. Also, there is a new Podium Vehicle at Diamond Casino and a Pegassi Reaper, that will easily cost up to $1.6 million.

For all the further details, check the official Rockstar Games website.   ( )

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