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Hanna, a teenage brilliance action thriller is back with season 2




If you are a fan of Amazon prime’s ‘Hanna’, then you got a reason to smile now. After the huge success of the first season, Amazon prime videos are all set to release the second part of the iconic series. It is to be released today, ie, on 3rd July Friday with all 8 parts. You can watch all episodes directly on prime videos.


Hanna was undoubtedly a success in terms of its, viewership, ratings, and popularity. It is an American action thriller based on the movie of the same name that was released in 2011. David Farr is the creator as well as the writer of the iconic series. It is directed by Sarah Adina Smith starring Esme Creed-Miles as the Hanna.

Miles was brilliant with her role and managed it in the most perfect way. Hanna is also a success because of her dedication. Other main characters include – Mireille Enos as Marissa Wiegler, Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller, Noah Taylor as Dr. Roland Kunek, Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael.


Season 1

A 15-year-old girl Hanna became a part of the drastic CIA program when she wasn’t even born. During that period, the CIA was recruiting pregnant girls for his program coded as UTRAX. The aim of that program was to manipulate the children’s DNA and by enhancing them to create super soldiers for their country.

But the situation began to change when Erik, one of the recruiters falls in love with Johanna, Hanna’s mother. He rescues the baby Hanna and scooted into the forests of Poland. After this incident, the CIA ordered Marissa Weigler, their onsite agent to shut down their project and execute all the babies.

Erik, who was the only man Hanna has seen in all her life trained her to become a specific hunter and warrior. He tried his best to keep Hanna away from the world knowing the consequences, but she was keen to witness the outside world which attracted the CIA and dragged her into the limelight.

Marissa Weigler, an onsite agent of CIA, was not happy with their decision to execute the UTRAX program, so she renamed it and continued it personally. Hanna came to know about all these and it was revealed that her father itself was a CIA agent and played a vital role in recruiting the pregnant girls. She also met many other girls with equivalent skills being trained secretly. She referred them as her own ‘sisters’.

When Hanna declined Marissa’s offer to work with her she ordered her forces to destroy Hanna. Which made it difficult for Hanna to continue in the Polish forest, where the forces attacked continuously. Her virulent skills were the only things she trusted which made life so difficult for he. Season 1 ended with Erik, who was hurt fatally and Hanna running from the operatives who seek to destroy her existence.

Season 2

Season 2 is expected to focus mainly on the trainees at Marissa’s program or also referred to as Hanna’s ‘sisters’. Although they all have similar DNA combinations like Hanna but their upbringing was totally different. They were trained to fulfill Marissa’s ambitions secretly. It would be interesting to watch their part in the upcoming season.

The Meadows, a secret boarding is also going to play a vital part. It’ the place where all the trainees are kept and trained. Season 2 is expected to witness a lot more suspense and brilliance from their producers. It would also be a tough challenge for the makers to keep the expectations of all the viewers.

After the death of Hanna’s father in the first season, out of the many trainees, only one girl Clara( Yasmin Monet Prince) went with Hanna in search of a new life. Hanna teaches Clara about the way of living in the forest and survival. Surprisingly, Marissa Weigler, who had been a villain in the first season helps Hanna to escape. In this season she cared for her like a mother, which made the series really addictive.

The people who had been hiding behind the UTRAX will be revealed in this season and we will get to know about them. As usual, Hanna will be a big problem for the CIA in this season too. Her fearless fighting and bravery will be the center of attraction for the viewers

Hanna will also learn a lot about her family in this season. Although Erik was not her father biologically still he was her father. Similarly, Marissa is like her mother while Clara is her sister. The ending of season 2 also gives us a hint about season 3. We can expect to know the UTRAX much better in the upcoming season if it is made. There are a lot more things to be revealed, which will make viewers starve for it.


Ahead of the release of Season 2, the cast furious with its work and expecting a better response from the last season. The writer and director David Farr stated that – “I immediately thought of several things the film wasn’t able to explore due to budget and Joe Wright’s (director) very specific vision, which is typical of all great directors. I had quite a lot of a story left to tell about Hanna’s true provenance.

“I envisioned the TV version to be more thriller-based, yet also more realistic; a tougher kind of story that lent itself to at least several episodes worth of completely new material for the audience.”

After having such a thriller and action, it is strongly recommended for the people of such taste. It’s amazing on its own and has a much better impact on people. The domination of the ladies is also a center of attraction for most of the audience. It is full of women dominated and also describes the skills that girls possess. It also marks the importance of self-defense for the odd survival in this harsh world. Overall Hanna is a much better series to watch and to create a virtual impact. You can go and watch it on Amazon Prime and experience its greatness.

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