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Hanna season 2, fully explained and revealed



There’s nothing even close to Hanna on the internet today, in terms of the action, thriller, and cinematography. The show which was solely relied on Esme Creed-Miles at first, got many new characters to steal the limelight from her in the following season. A good budget, excellent cast, and great presentation are all behind the evolution of such enigmatic series. Undoubtedly, season 2 is extensively better in terms of expansion, addiction, and exploration than the first season. You can watch all episodes of season 1and 2 on Amazon prime videos.


The directors of Hanna season 2 focused mainly on exploring their characters and places in this season, which created a sense of insights. It’s been an amazing exploration of psychological manipulation. Although this season was less power-packed with action it doesn’t mean that it’s somewhat less. The action was perfect and it’s very rare to see anything like this anywhere.

The story of the first season was totally based on the movie which exhaled some disappointment. It took the last episode of the same season for the series to create its own identity. Continuing the same, season 2 is unique in its creativity and composition which creates a better visual impact and thrill for the viewers. This season leaves the movie far behind than it can be. Apart from this, all characters were used in an exotic way to represent a proper teen drama.

A lot of super effects are also used in this season, but it is interesting to notice that all those effects are both cheapest and most effective. It makes Mulroney extensively slimy while it enhances the efficiency and movements of the Creed-Miles, making her perfect to match the character of Hanna.


Season 2, took off its pace exactly from where the season 1 evacuated. Erik, who was hurt fatally while rescuing Hanna and Clara died with his wounds, leaving Hanna and Clara alone in the Polish Forest. Clara found it difficult to continue her life in the harshness of the forest, therefore, Hanna started teaching her basic life skills of survival. Clara was also keen to see her parents and family, Hanna took it as the mission of her life as she had no one other than Clara, by her side.

Surprisingly, Marissa Weigler, who emerged as a villain in the first season helps Hanna to escape. In this season she cared for her like a mother, which made this series really addictive. Marissa also helped Hanna in securing her newest objective, ie, securing a new life for her sister Clara. She also protected Hanna, by encountering all the harms that posses to withstand in Hanna’s objective. John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney), the chief of the UTRAX project tries his best to hide his super-soldier project from the world.

Hanna teamed up with Marissa, who was determined to rescue Clara from UTRAX once again. When Marissa, discovers the hidden program, everything was changed from before. The meadows, hidden boarding place emerged as the new chapters of secrets for all of them. The most important part of this season was, the girls who were known by numbers at first were now given a name and a unique identity, attached to their personal lives. All girls were trained in such a way that they were thorough with the only agenda of their life.

Hanna’s relationship with Marissa began to deepen as she took the role of her mother and tried to fill the void created with the death of Erik. Although she cared for Hanna unconditionally still it was tough for Hanna to trust her completely or understand her ambitions. She also took a lot of physical punishment for standing by the side of Hanna, which is really hard to digest.

John Carmichael, who took the role of leading the UTRAX, emerged as one of the few men with identity in this show. He presents himself as a genial figure who’s far less sinister than his predecessor. Yet as the season goes on, it becomes clear that he’s more than willing to use the young women in his charge to fulfill his own agenda.

The season continued the bit as Hanna kept on rescuing Clara, while Marissa kept on protecting Hanna. The final episode was embraced with a lot of blood. A lot of people died while Hanna and Marissa were successful in escaping from UTRAX.


Carmichael experienced a big loss while entering the final episode of the season. It was quite clear that he was the one behind the expose of UTRAX, but it was confirmed in this episode. A little carelessness of sharing the target file with Gelder and also leaving the file with him might have cost him his life. Gelder took all the photos on his phone and decided to expose Carmichael in front of the whole media. The death of Leo was also a shock for him and he became all together alone.

Marissa took it as an opportunity and figures everything out. But instead of exposing Carmichael, she made a deal with him. The deal includes that, he will bring her back into the UTRAX while Marissa will not expose anything about him. Carmichael was out of options so he had to deal with it. After-effects of this deal would be that Carmichael would be the leader just for the namesake while the total power would lie into the hands of Marissa. The last episodes also end, with a hint for season 3, creating suspense relating to it. Marissa with the powers of UTRAX would be the next big thing in the upcoming season.

In the end, Clara was successful in finding her mother and it was quite clear that she would not be joining the UTRAX. Someone whom we could expect a major role in season 3 would be Sandy. She killed Robert Gelder and made it clear that she has nothing to do with anyone. The way she ends the season while playing the piano publicly makes it clear that she’s going to be a big thing in the next season.

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