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Happy Death Day 3: Release Date, Trailer and More!




Get ready to be spooked (or pretend to be scared) very, very soon by the next Happy Death Day movie! Of course, we hope it will be very soon because we aren’t completely sure when it comes out. But hopefully, very very soon. The first Happy Death Day movie came out in October 2017 and did extremely well in the box office, considering its tiny budget. Are movies worth watching? When does the third part come out? Read more to find out!

Happy Death Day: Plot and Cast

Happy Death Day follows the story of university student Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, who is played by Jessica Rothe. She wakes up in her classmate’s dorm room on her birthday after getting drunk the night before. She throws away a cupcake given by her sorority sister Lori and instead goes to meet a married professor, who she is having an affair with. That same night, she is murdered by someone wearing the mask of a school mascot.

Tree wakes up in her classmate’s bed again on her birthday and finds that all the day’s occurrences are repeated. After she gets murdered and wakes up on her birthday yet again, she figures out that she is in a time loop. She explains this to her friend Carter (played by Israel Broussard) and he suggests finding out the identity of the killer.


spends the next few tries following people and wakes up in the hospital after a failed murder attempt. She first suspects serial killer John Tombs and after several attempts, manages to kill him. Yet, she dies and ends up in the loop again. This leads her to suspect her friend Lori (played by Ruby Modine), who is also in a relationship with the same professor and wants to kill Tree out of jealousy. What a twist!

Happy Death Day 3: Release Date

So far, Director Christopher Landon has only confirmed the existence of a Happy Death Day 3. The working title of the movie is “Happy Death Day To Us”. Hopefully, the movie comes out soon (maybe before next Halloween!)

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