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Hellish Quart: Release Date, Trailers and Gameplay!

Yash Mahendra



To those who haven’t heard of the game, Hellish Quart is a physics-based realistic dueling game developed by Kubold. It utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and looks pretty impressive. A free demo is available on Steam for you to try out currently.

Here’s everything we know about Hellish Quart:

Release Date

The game was available on Steam Early access and the full version of the game is meant to release on February 16th.



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Go back in time to the 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Choose from a wide variety of melee weapons, from sabers and rapiers to broadswords, longswords, and many more. Represent either Zaporozhian Cossacks, Polish Hussars, Tatars, Turkish Janissaries, Swedish Reiters, or French Musketeers, all modeled using 3D-scanned clothes, based on fashion from the period. Fight epic duels in a single-player campaign firmly rooted in the realities of life in the region, and show your opponents who’s the best fencer of the era!

The game utilizes a side view as we have seen from countless other fighting games. No visible health bars or stamina bars, one clean hit ends the round. There are 4 attack buttons and they can be strung together to perform combos. They are also direction sensitive therefore your attack animations changes when you are retreating, dashing forward, or moving to the sides. This plays an important role because of the physics nature of the game.

You can also feint attacks by moving back at any time of the animation which also affects the strength of the attack – again because of the physics- so you can follow through, risking a counter or do some feints which might not be lethal to your opponent.

There is a grapple and clash sword button which also acts as an attack modifier button also.

Hellish Quart is expected to release on February 16th according to the Games’ Steam page. So pick up your swords and get ready to fight to the death when Hellish Quart hits the shelves in the near future!

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