Hell’s Kitchen Season 21: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is returning with the twenty-first season of Hell’s, or well, his, Kitchen. Created by the Chef himself, Hell’s Kitchen is a culinary reality competition of American origin hosted by none other than Gordon Ramsay. This would be the third time when the show’s newly framed format will be implemented, following season 19 and season 20. The show is executive produced by Chef Ramsay, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Kenny Rosen, David Eilenberg, and Bernie Schaeffer. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21: Plot and Cast

Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen will witness the battle of 18 contestants, 9 of whom will form a part of team red or “20-Somethings” which will comprise participants between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Another group, i.e., team blue or “40-Somethings” will consist of participants between the ages of 40 to 50 years. Hence, the battle will be between ages and not between genders. All the chefs, especially the two teams, will be up against each to win nothing but the grand prize of acquiring the position of Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris Las Vegas, and obviously, the winner title of Hell’s Kitchen.

With Gordon Ramsay as the host of the culinary show, the participants comprising the “40-Somethings” category include Alex Belew (41), Tara Ciannella (41), Mindy Livengood (42), O’Shay Lolley (42), Abe Sanchez (42), Charlene Sherman (40), Billy Trudsoe (40), Nicole Gomez, and Zeus Gordiany. This team will have a sous-chef in the form of Jason “Jay” Santos, the runner-up of season 7.  The contestants comprising the “20-Somethings” category includes Brett Binninger-Schwartz (26), Vlad Briantsev (26), Ileana D’Silva (23), Dafne Mejia (29), Alejandro Najar (29), Cheyenne Nichols (21), Alyssa Osinga (23), Sommer Sellers (24), and Sakari Smithwick (24). The sous-chef for this team is Christina Wilson, the winner of season 10.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21: Release Date

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 releases on September 29, 2022, Thursday, on Fox at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21: Trailer

Take a peek at the intro clip of Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 by clicking the tab below:

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