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How Artist Tae Terrez Found His Strings While Serving The Country





The music industry is not the easiest place to breakthrough in. Every day, countless young folks try and fail to make a name for themselves. But for true talents, no barrier is high enough. Tae Terrez has been proving this since last year.

Tae Terrez was born on April 20, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in a small community, Terrez managed to be around folks who shared a similar passion for music. This was when the young boy realized that he has a special spot for music. However, a desire to serve his country compelled Terrez to enlist in the army. Fresh out of the academy, Terrez was assigned to South Korea in 2015. It was here when the young artist had his first shot at making music. In 2018, he released his first single that made many heads turn and made him sought after by talent agencies. However, his military obligations hindered him from giving serious thought to a career in music. Terrez continued writing music, working as a ghostwriter for many artists. But there was always a voice in his mind that urged him to do more about his talent.

The chance arrived in 2020 when Terrez finally decided to release his music. His first three tracks dropped early in 2020 before the pandemic struck. The next two singles were released later that year. The 5-track EP “Nights In Waikiki” was met with considerable acclaim by critics and fans alike. In particular, his song “Behave” became a party favorite. Girls were using his songs in their Snapchat stories. He reached the #3 spot on the iTune South Africa R&B charts, while reaching #30 across All Genres on the chart. The signs were clear – Tae Terrez had arrived on the scene.

As a young musician, Tae Terrez has similar themes in his music to many of his peers. He prefers to make tracks that are fun and party-ready. An overarching theme in his works is the desire to express themselves and live freely. Terrez wants his generation to be more open about their thoughts and feelings, and this is exactly what he encourages through his music too. Another common theme in his music is sexuality. The sexual undertones and explicit language might raise some eyebrows, but this is part of Terrez’s quest for free expressions. Relationships and nightlife are some other common themes found in his music.

In a short span, Tae Terrez has formed a considerable fan following. He admits that the majority of them are girls. He fathoms that perhaps women relate more to the sexual undertones and desire to let go in his music. Since his music is primarily party-themed, it is no wonder that they have become a staple at parties and events. But that doesn’t mean that his music is only for the average party-goer. In fact, Terrez confesses that many of his fans have shared stories of themselves sitting on a couch and simply vibing to his tracks. The young artist has a diverse fanbase bound by two things – their admiration for Terrez and a passion for expressing themselves freely.

In 2021, the young artist is moving ahead with the same momentum. Currently residing in Hawaii, he is devoting whatever time he could find to working on his second EP. Still serving in the military, it often becomes difficult to juggle between two obligations. But Terrez is determined to make this work for his passion. In 2021, we will see more of Tae Terrez and his rise to fame.

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