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How Farren Morgan Transforms People Into Soldiers Of Fitness




Farren Morgan

In these tough times, most people have fallen into the unfortunate habit of slacking at home and not doing much physical activity. But there are some who are committed to motivating people towards fitness. Farren Morgan, the army instructor-turned-fitness coach, is one such personality.

A Life In Military

For many, Farren Morgan might seem like an overnight success. After all, he went from a rather unknown entity to one of the most talked-about fitness instructors, just in a few months. But this “overnight success” was a result of years of training and commitment, thanks to his time in the army. Farren Morgan has been serving in the British Army for the past 6 years. Over the years, his hard work has elevated him to the rank of Lance Sergeant. Currently, he operates in the capacity of Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for Coldstream Guards. Working at Westminster in London, Morgan has turned numerous young aspirants into hardened soldiers with his training programs. But he always had a passion for helping more people on their fitness journey. This was what led him to create his own brand.

Building A Brand

Morgan started his “Farren Morgan Coaching” brand to help people become the fittest versions of themselves. He created online fitness programs that anyone could subscribe to and benefit from. In addition, he also offered e-books to supplement the process. Soon, people started realizing the effectiveness of his Tactical Training programs. To ensure that his voice reaches a wider audience, Morgan started an Instagram page in September 2020 (which garnered 12k followers without any advertising at all).
As time went by, Morgan’s clout in the fitness world only continued to grow. Men’s Fitness Magazine, the popular health magazine, threw the spotlight on Morgan in their June 2021 issue. The supplement brand Grenade too offered sponsorship to Morgan recently. Starting from scratch, Morgan worked towards creating his successful brand in the world of fitness.

About the workout plans

The reason behind Morgan’s wild success is the effectiveness of his workout programs. The plans, which range between 8-12 weeks, are inspired by the tactical workout programs employed in the British army. As such, these plans combine strength, conditioning, and stamina to offer peak physical fitness to its users. Unlike many other fitness trainers, who use expensive training equipment in their programs, Morgan believes in simplicity. For instance, his resistance band workout (which was featured by Men’s Fitness) gives a full-body workout with just a resistance band.

A still from Morgan’s workout plan for Men’s Fitness


As a serving soldier, Farren Morgan has the mentality of a true warrior. He believes in the wisdom of “sweat in peace, so you don’t bleed in war”. As he has mentioned in numerous interviews, his goal is “to strengthen, educate, inspire and establish Tactical Athletes all over the world”. Morgan wants to instill the discipline and commitment of soldiers into civilians without having to enlist in the army. Of course, instilling the legendary ethos of armed forces into regular civilians is not the easiest job. But Morgan, with his sheer willpower and focus, hopes to achieve this.

Future Plans

Most of Farren Morgan’s focus right now is on continuing to build his brand and help more people with their fitness transformations. But for those who might not be able to join his program for some reasons, Morgan has a surprise. He is soon launching his e-book that contains some of the most effective exercise plans inspired from his Tactical Thursday workouts. The goal of the book is to help people hit the elusive target of 5k runs! A tall goal, but nothing Morgan’s motivation can’t help in achieving.

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