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How the Creators of ‘The Chi’ changed the Season 3 amid the BLM Movement!

Simone Singh



The Chi season 3, which premiered on Sunday, 21 June had left its fans absolutely astounded and wanting for more! The show which sketches out the lives of the African American community which resides in Chicago’s gritty South Side had to make me tons of changes in season 3’s script. The recent events after George Floyd’s death had rocked the African Community and the shows’ creator Lena Waithe along with her crew had to remove every scene that involved the law enforcement from season 3’s script.

The show which largely caters to the representation of the African American community has always aimed at establishing inclusivity for the black community. Lena Waithe’s vision was to create a show which the young African Americans could relate with and not watch from an outsider’s perspective. The show revolves around the lives of teenagers who belong to this community, the struggles they have to face, and the social and economic obstacles they have to tackle. 



Due to incidents of misconduct Jason Mitchell, who was playing the role of Brandon (one of the main characters) was removed from the cast of the show. The casting director and the creator of the show have not shared any information on who would be replacing Jason Mitchell or if the character of Brandon will be reintroduced in the upcoming episodes. Mitchells’ ex-costars too have maintained their silence but the fans are getting impatient. The Chi cast had to bid adieu to another costar Tiffany Boone who played Jerrika, Mitchells love interest in the series. After the accusation of misconduct Mitchells onscreen love interest Boone had abruptly left the show, it is yet to be confirmed whether she quit the show or was asked to leave.



The Chi season 3 has welcomed many reoccurring characters as main characters. We have seen Laverne Johnson (Sonja Sohn), who played the role of Brandon’s mother in Season 1, return as one of the main characters.  Also, Kiesha’s (Birgundi Baker) mother Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) and Dre (Miriam A. Hyman), have been introduced as main characters for season 3.  Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (Ronnie), Jacob Latimore (Emmett),  Alex Hibbert (Kevin),  Yolonda Ross (Jada),  Armando Riesco (Detective Cruz) have continued to play their roles from season 1.

The Chi fans were delighted to hear the news that Lena Waithe would be joining the cast of the show for three episodes. She will be playing the role of a Chicago based politician.  The show in its upcoming episodes will see cameos done Lil Rel Howey, along with musician Kandi Burrus and Luke James.



The series which has released 2 episodes of season 3 so far just dropped the trailer of episode 3. Here’s a recap of what has happened so far. Season 3 started off with Nina and Dre tying a knot, a funeral was thrown for Brandon but no context about how he died was shown or revealed. Kevin approaches Papa and Jake for help. Emmette discovers a temporary solution for his food shortage problem. Trig conjures up a plan to win the custody of his brother Jake from Douda. Jada tries her hand at dating. If you missed out on the previous episode here’s the trailer for episode 2 and the upcoming episode 3.


What are your views about season 3? Have any fan theories you wish to share? Drop them in the comment box!!

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