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‘I aim to create a legacy’, says 23 year old music artist and producer, Marcoof500





Have you ever wondered what the definition of a true leader is? The one who climbs the ladder and cherishes the win and relax or the one who goes up and help others climb the ladder too? Have you ever wondered what the true definition of a creator is? The one who just creates art and showcase to the world or the one who creates and helps others create? It seems like the 23-year-old music composer Marcoof500 has both the qualities of a leader and a creator. Hailing from Fort Belvoir and born with the name Marquis Deonte Alexander Tarver, this young music entrepreneur is an absolute all-rounder as well as earns his labels. Marcoof500 is an emerging star in the hip-hop music industry, which has been grinding day and night to reach the top tier from his underground rap world. He has his mission of inaugurating his legacy and uplift those who are struggling hard to establish their mark. That is when the genesis of 500 Entertainment LLC happened, a platform to manifest your knack. Marcoof500 knows how hard it can be to make your way in life. He has excellent and ambitious plans to guide young artists toward sustainable careers. These are the beginnings of an impressive legacy.

His music career launched back in 2018, with the release of his first album The Travels of Marco, and Take Me Away was one of the singles which became a super hit amongst the audience. Take Me Away is a song very close to his heart since he expressed his past, rock bottom ongoing, and the music was his only survival kit. He thanks the almighty to guide him through the dark tunnel to make him see the light on the other side. Influenced by artists like Lil JoJo, Tay Sav, and PBG, his sound is fresh and innovative. If you believe and like in DIY things, then you would fall in love with his creations. He does know how to stand out of the crowd and shine his light. Virginia born virtuoso has turned into full-time artist and entrepreneur and traveling the map exclusively, from  California to Hawaii and as far to the east, to the country of Japan. His album titles are as quirky as his personality, like his second release Kitchen Chronicles back in August 2018, the same of his debut, and once again proved his flair. Unlike his first album, the four-track EP takes more storytelling, lyrical approach, while still maintaining an energy ‘hype’ aesthetic to the sparkly, high-octane production. From the swaggy turn-up hooks on bangers like ‘Honchson’ to the feel-good, smooth narrative-fueled bars of stand-out tracks like ‘Crocs and a Towel,’ almost every track Marco writes is banger-material, or at the very least, catchy as hell.

If you check his Instagram profile, you will stumble upon his clothing brand 500 Cartel, and merchandise adorned with the emblem of his company printed on the clothes and accessories. And let us just say, they are cool (not only to wear but also will make you feel your coolness and swag). Along with company emblems, they also have funky, funny designs and even gifts catering to different special days.

Don’t forget to check his social media handles because he will soon be dropping his next hit Durag Bandit, which is already under creation. He has come up from the minimum, and now he is on his way to make it big in the industry. He is in constant hunger for success so that he can keep his family comfortable and gift them a cosmo of luxury. He has so many things on his plate, from running his studio, producing music as well as inspiring people. His upcoming album Marco the Merchant will be a more personal release, expressing Marco’s personal journey and struggle since deciding to be an entrepreneur.

So, why should we appreciate his music and art? The answer is simple. Not only his melodies are inspired by various top-tier rap artists, but also he takes his inspirations from his daily life experiences and stitches them together to form a tune. Marco notes his true inspiration comes from striving to be better for him and the respect of his fans.

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