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“If you are meant for something, you will find a way”, says Germany’s DJ Robin Haas a.k.a RMJS




There goes a saying that if you are meant for something, no matter the hurdles, you will reach your destination. The only criterion is that you do not have the option of giving up on your dreams. And that’s what Germany’s music composer and emerging DJ Robin Haas, a.k.a RMJS kept in his mind and heart. If you are wondering why RMJS, then here is the story of the genesis. Back in 2014, Robin started creating music with his dear friend and pumped up with house mixes and mashups. They started naming the songs by the initials of their names with the exception that they took out the H of my real name Robin Michael Haas. That’s how RMJS took birth and he started using this stage name for his future gigs and DJ performances. But the seed of passion was planted when he was merely a seven-year-old kid, filled with innocence. He started taking up guitar lessons from such an age and one day stumbled upon Logic Pro X on his computer, and accidentally found out the thing of remixes. It was indeed like a pirate finding a treasure, but here the spirit is doing the deeds for good.

Cut to the future after eight years of guitar lessons, RMJS thought of embarking again on a different sort of musical escapade. Infatuated with the electronic scene, he soon dove back in using Garageband and eventually moving to Logic. He soon started crafting unique pop melodies utilizing all the hallmarks of dance music. You must be wondering that this must be a grown-up adult; well can’t argue with the grown-up thing (because he is 100 percent self-made), RMJS is only a 20-year-old young adult, and he is already DJing at clubs across his city while creating his projects. Talking about projects, his new track has been just released, named ‘Hold You Tight‘, which he composed last year but did not get the chance of actually stitching the chords together. The creation was a quick procedure, he had the steps already in his mind. After coming up with a topic and writing the lyrics collaborating with Canadian artist Joe Borowsky, the track was finished after about 3 months. The song is about a story of young love where two characters want to spend time with each other but can’t for several reasons. But this is not the first time. Previously, he produced ‘Get Away‘ with his friend in 2018 and the positive feedbacks that helped him the most in his career.

When asked about whether he thinks what he is doing is the best version of himself, RMJS answered he is confident he is good but not overconfident to say that he is the best or giving his best. He tries to put his 100 percent, but somehow Robin feels he is lagging behind. “Writing songs remains an activity for me, where I can have fun messing around with new stuff and working together with other artists like me to create something new that may be perhaps liked by other people too.”, said Haas. If you are thinking why should you listen to his singles, or what’s so unique about him, let me tell you why. The crispy hall electric sound from the choruses mixed together with classical instruments like the piano, guitar, etc. makes the music special. Another reason why you should listen to RMJS is that he too is a huge fan of Chainsmokers, and we all love them for obvious reasons. And our guy is working really hard, juggling both his passion and studies. He deserves much appreciation from all of us.

Concluding with a piece of advice he left for the future musicians, “Try to work with the feedback you get from other people and don’t give up if your first tracks don’t make an impact. Always try to improve your productions and try to create a unique sound that you will be known for.” RMJS’s future endeavors await two songs ready for further brush-ups. You can always check out his songs on Spotify, Sound Cloud, and Apple Music.


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