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“I’ll be gone in the Dark”: Release Date, Trailer and Updates!

Simone Singh



HBO’s latest production called “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” will be available for streaming this weekend. The show which will air on Sunday, 28 June is based on the book of the same name. The shows’ genre is true-crime and follows the life of Michelle McNamara delving into the world of the predator she dubbed “The Gloden State Killer”.


The story revolves around McNamara, who by profession was a homemaker and wife of the famous comedian Patton Oswalt. McNamara had an affinity towards unsolved crime cases and she went on to investigate the man who terrorized California in the 1970 and ’80s. Her quest to identify “The Gloden State Killer” also called the East Area Rapist and Visalia Ransacker brought the killers crime to light. He was accused of 13 homicide cases and had heinously raped 50 women.

McNamara wrote this book to not only bring the crimes of the predator to light but to also destigmatise the embarrassment and shame that the victims felt. She wanted the world to see the victims from a different light and wanted to give the victims a voice. Her aim was also to show how the society in the ’70s and ’80s brushed away such topics and never reported rape cases because of the humiliation of surviving such a gruesome crime.

McNamara was praised for her obsession with the unsolved crime cases as it was because of her that the law enforcement reopened the case of “The Gold State Killer”. The show based on true events will include original recordings, experts and tapings from McNamara’s book, which according to the sources at HBO would be read by actor Amy Ryan

It is a short documentary series which will comprise of six episodes and will premiere on Sunday, 10/9 c p.m. Here is the list of the premiere dates of all the episodes of this suspenseful series :

  • Episode 1: June 28
  • Episode 2: July 5
  • Episode 3: July 12
  • Episode 4: July 19
  • Episode 5: July 26
  • Episode 6: August 2

The “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” fans are anxiously waiting for the book’s adaption into a tv-series documentary to hit the screens. Directed by Liz Garbus(recipient of an Academy Award and an Emmy), Elizabeth Wolff, Myles Kane and Josh Koury, the series will cast Amy Ryan, Billy Jensen, Paul Haynes, Patton Oswalt. “Gripping”, “Enthralling”, “Absorbing” is how the fans and the critics have described McNamaras’ book.  Use this link to watch the trailer for the show:

Patton was interviewed by various news channels about his wife’s’ obsession with the unsolved crime cases when McNamaras’ books hit the stores. Patton was very vocal and open about how his wife’s acquisition of fame and how it affected their relationship and how the world’s perception towards the couple changed. He shared about the criticism that rocked their boat and that of the support he received from his fans and the entertainment fraternity after his wife’s demise. Watch the couple’s interview here:

Patton gave the rights for his late wife’s novel to be produced into a show by HBO, to honour her efforts. According to sources he wants his wife’s work to be shared with a larger audience through a tv-series.

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