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Interview with Inspirational Speaker James Lin of Saje Flow




Team DroidJournal Interviewed James Lin of Saje Flow, following is our interview with him:

Where are you based? 

I live in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego, California. I find great beauty and energy in San Diego as a place where I can co-create content to share with people to empower them to their greatness

How did you get into inspirational speaking?

I was inspired at Date with Destiny, a Tony Robbins event where I discovered my purpose in life is to help people realize their purpose and their greatness

What was your first gig? 

My first gig was at a speaking event in Salt Lake City where I spoke in at a transformational inspiration event, it was amazing As I realized that it doesn’t matter how you start, it’s about getting started and improving everyday in everyday

What is your most memorable career moment?

One of my most memorable career moment was hosting a retreat in Costa Rica with a small private elite group of entrepreneurs where we went through 7 days of powerful inspiration shifts in identity transformation where people really took ownership of themselves and their relationship

Who are some of your favorite inspirational speakers? 

I am privileged to learn from one of the best speakers of our generation, Tony Robbins, his outcome of feeding 1 billion meals really inspires me and has inspired me to rising above any self-doubt to self people all over the world

Who is your icon? 

I am so grateful to learn from my mentor Tony Robbins who has helped people all around the world for over 43 years of his life,  they say that you can stand on the shoulder of giants, I learn so much from him and dedicate my life to empowering people to their greatness

How would you describe your personal style?

I believe when you tap into your inner FLOW you can reach your full human potential by tapping into your 7 identities and realizing that your true potential comes from a collective flow within you, you can channel your flow state to peak performance through the different all starts within

How can our readers further follow your work online?

We are creating a 7 days a week youtube channel that empowers people to their greatness with amazing giveaways to make an impact on people’s lives. They can follow us on Instagram as Saje Flow and on our Youtube Channel as well on Saje Flow. You can also check out the blog.

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