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Is Skate back in Development? What EA Revealed in it’s Event?





10 years after Skate 3, EA is reuniting core members of the original EA Black Box team to create the popular series’ still-untitled.

In 2007, Skate emerged as the first real challenger to the dominant supremacy of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. It was undoubtedly the first skateboarding game not to try to imitate the extreme sports series of Activision and Neversoft. It was lauded as such for adding a new viewpoint to a genre that was starting to reveal its age and the gaps in its armor.

With an emphasis on realism and gameplay focused on mechanics, the game opened up a loyal follow-up to crazed fans. This popularity led to a sequel in 2009. The series was soon abandoned after the launch of Skate 3 in 2010.

New Skate Game

At the show, EA announced a handful of new indie titles, including It Takes Two, and Lost in Random. There was a sneak look at Lost Treasures: a new game in the Apex Legends Season 5, and also single-player and multiplayer features of Star Wars: Squadrons.

EA didn’t say anything about its next-gen ventures. At the end of the day, we received a surprising announcement: Skate is returning. The closure of the 2020 EA Play event showcased unexpected appearances by Cuz Parry and Deran Chung. People who were part of the original EA Black Box team which formed the classic Skate trilogy.

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While the declaration was probably early. They had nothing to show, fans are still thrilled with the prospect of a newly designed title in Skate series. The fact that key members of the original production team are back to work on the game makes things much more exciting for long-standing fans who want to see their favorite franchise get the respect they deserve.

While they did not provide anything in aspects of footage, specifics, or even title. They later clarified the development of a new title in the Skate storyline.

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